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Is It Worth Hiring a Personal Stylist?

This question is one that’s asked more frequently than you might think. Women, in general, are very fashion-savvy, and you might think that the need for a style consultant might be more of a rarity than a necessity. But you might be surprised to find that even those who consider themselves fashion experts in their own right need help from time to time.

First off, you don’t necessarily have to have a poor fashion sense to need a stylist. You could be an expert at turning heads with your choice of clothes, but sometimes eating the same food becomes extremely boring — and the same can be said for fashion. Even if you don’t necessarily wear the same items of clothing, wearing the same style and the same combinations in the same way can become pretty boring rather quickly.

When you get bored is when you get the yearning to try something new, but you might be afraid that you’re venturing into foreign territory. That’s where a personal stylist comes in. And while many might argue that you can simply add something different to your wardrobe, oftentimes they find that the new piece of clothing doesn’t really match well with the existing palette.

So, long story short, is hiring a personal stylist worth it? It really depends on what you’re trying to get out of the experience. If you’ve got horrible taste in clothes to begin with, then yes, hiring a personal stylist could potentially be very well worth your money. But that could only be nothing more than a short-term solution to your fashion woes.

See, here’s the thing. It’s not enough to wear the clothes that are suggested to you by your stylist. Remember that old saying?

Give a man fish, and he is full for a day, teach him how to fish, and he is full for life.”

That’s exactly what you need to think about here. Because even if you do end up wearing the clothes that your stylist suggests for you, that isn’t what fashion is all about. You have to be able to come up with your own style later on.

Because if you don’t, well, a stylist consultation is nothing more than a short-term solution, a temporary boost to your confidence which will just as easily die down once you get bored of wearing the same clothes. And later on, the cold hard realization hits you that you have no real idea of how to put together a fashionable wardrobe on your own.

And yes, there are some clients who simply need a stylist for a certain occasion, say for example a job interview or a fancy party. If you’re going to simply use your stylist’s expertise for a single event, then you’re definitely throwing money away, especially when there’s so much information that’s available on the internet.

So, in conclusion, hiring a personal stylist is only worth it if you make it so. You do this by asking questions, learning how your stylist puts outfits together, and by keeping atop fashion trends. And well, who knows, if you’re able to get all these concepts down, the only thing you have to worry about is where to get another wardrobe. And if that’s the case, Lifestyle Wardrobes Perth should be one of the first places to check out.