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Is a Career in Social Work Right for You?

When you’re not sure what career you’d like or the current one isn’t preferable, then it’s time to take a step back and give it some real consideration. Working with people in a career that requires being caring or compassionate is a valid choice that suits some people but not everyone. Is it for you?

While the nursing field is certainly one avenue worth exploring, social work is another one. If you don’t have a good head for facts and figures to work as a nurse but feel a calling to help people in a different way, then social work is a great option worth considering.

How Do You Become a Social Worker?

Some people who enter social work have already studied in this area for their bachelor’s degree. It’s most useful when the degree has a clinical focus to make it relevant. Other certificates may be required at the state level when going into specialist fields like substance abuse or physical abuse.

A master’s degree in social work like the MSW online accredited programs at Florida State has a clinical focus include multiple work placements in the field to provide hands-on experience. Their course is studied online through the accumulation of credits until reaching the required number over a three-year period.

What Kind of Person Suits Social Work?

It’s important to understand that ‘social work’ covers a broad remit. While studying the topic, it will naturally cover various disciplines but once in a career, it’s possible to specialize in the area(s) that speak more to your interests or suitability.

For instance, some social workers deal mostly with family services and the welfare of children. Other workers are directly focused on substance abuse and providing supportive counseling for sufferers to help them get past their addictions. Also, some social workers work for the VA providing services for veterans who need different types of assistance.

In each of these roles, it’s necessary to be a good listener, make a connection with people, and empathize with them. People have to trust you to share the intimate details of their lives. However, the knowledge and experience required for each role are distinct from one another too.

How Much Does It Pay?

The salary range for different types of social work ranges starting at $44,000 up to $50,000and beyond in some roles.

The rate of pay partly relates to the role but also the type of employer too. Some social workers take positions in private practice like rehab centers while others work in government facilities. Accordingly, the pay ranges and other benefits like a pension plan vary from employer to employer.

It’s important to think about your suitability to social work. It involves considerable people contact along with relating well to colleagues too. Consulting with people with a wide range of life challenges is typical of the type of roles within social work. One thing is for sure – it’ll never be boring! If you’re willing to take the plunge, it’s a personally rewarding career.