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Iranian Women Post Pictures With Their Hair Flying Free as a Sign of Protest

Last year, 3.6 million women in Iran were finer or arrested for not wearing hijabs. Wearing a hijab in Iran is mandatory but Masih Alinejad wants to change this. Masih is an Iranian journalist, living in the US, and she’s encouraging women to send pictures of themselves with their hair flying free.


“Some of the pictures come from young girls saying that they just want to feel the wind in their hair. It’s simple demand. My mother wants to wear a scarf. I don’t want to wear a scarf. Iran should be for both of us”, explains Masih.


Her Facebook group “My Stealthy Freedom” already has more than 800.000 followers.



“My Stealthy Freedom”


“I hate all the fake Hijabs, all the meaningless believes cruelly forced”


“I like myself and I will fight for a free life that is rightfully mine”


“It is an amazing feeling when wind tangles your hair under the blue sky”


“Being yourself gives such wonderful pleasure”


Check out this video for My Stealthy Freedom: