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Inventive Home Renovation Ideas

If you want to breathe some new life into your home you have a lot of options. You can get a lot out of what you have already, or if you feel like taking on a big project the results will be worth it.

There is something for everyone, and starting off with some small changes can show you how much little differences will make. Home renovation can be a lot of work, but if you want to change things up and feel fresh it is a great place to start.

Colors Are Everywhere

If you want to start small, pick a wall and paint it. The colors that we surround ourselves with make a big difference in how we feel and think. If you are living in a house that has some boring old faded white hue on the walls it is time for a change.

Start with a medium sized wall, and don’t pick anything too vibrant or dark to begin with. Don’t be conservative, and buy really good paint. The colors that they use in the better paints will be more vibrant, and you can really choose something that you love.

One you get your new wall up, you will start to see how much it adds to your home, and you never know where it might lead you.

In addition to paint, there are many other ways to integrate colors into your living space. You can use some pillows, rugs or vibrant art to add some splash to your house, and give it a new feel.

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Texture and Accents

When you look around your house and feel a little blah, don’t fret. There are some really simple things you can do that will give your home some new pep.

A great way to change the vibe in a room is to bring in some textures. If you don’t have much wood in your house, adding some in different areas can make an impact. Our eyes are fascinated by forms, and when you break up the solid colors that are all around you’re going to love it.

By using visually interesting textures in smaller areas, the overall effect will be dramatic. Having a lovely stained wood facing for one side of your kitchen island is a good example. The flat face that used to be just another off-white surface is going to add bunches of interest.

A chalkboard is another way to add a little bit to your kitchen and make the house feel interactive. The designs will change all the time, and you can use it for more practical purposes too. Don’t forget to buy colored chalk!

The use of accents in your interior design can add so much style to your home, and generally they don’t cost a fortune to use. Changing out your old molding will make a big difference, and using a contrasting color will really make it pop.

Two-tone molding combinations look great and are super simple to execute. Once you have the new molding installed, it requires very little maintenance.

If you are feeling a little bit more adventurous and don’t mind spending the extra money, there are some amazing crown moldings that will make a great impression.

This is another chance to introduce some new forms and textures, and you won’t believe the way it will change the way you see your home.

Reused Goods

The 21st century is all about getting green. If you are renovating your home you have a great chance to take some old objects and bring them into the now.

There are many designs that take advantage of lots of labor and love, and don’t cost much money. Think about making some cob accents for your interior. All you need to do is mix up a bunch of sand and mud, and you can form it into pretty much any shape you want.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on materials, and you can make pretty much whatever you want. Because you use straw to make cob, the visual texture it provides is amazing.

You can also put anything you want in your cob creations, so getting your hands on old bottles and a bottle cutter is a great idea. The designs you create are sure to be amazing, and no one else will ever have one that is like yours.

Change Isn’t Ever Easy

Getting started is always the hardest part of a project, but once you do it will all come together. Making some changes in your home will give you oodles of new energy, and you will be grateful that you made a difference for the better.