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Interesting and Less Familiar Facts About Coffee Beans

You love drinking coffee and you drink it every morning knowing that there is a magic effect on you to start the day better. Here are some interesting facts that will help you to clarify all the mysteries of this beautiful, black, aromatic drink.


Coffee contains nutrients which are essential for your health

The nutrients found in coffee are also found in many kinds of foods, but the good news is that you have the health benefits of every cup of coffee. One cup of coffee contains Vitamin B2 – 11%, Vitamin B5 – 6%, manganese and potassium- 3%, and magnesium – 2%. Coffee without sugar helps burn fat, and can boost metabolism by 11%.

Ice coffee is more expensive because it has more components

The resources needed to prepare an ice coffee are more numerous than those for preparing a hot coffee. Coffee beans intended for cold preparation are produced in a different and more complicated way, for that reason a cup of cold coffee is almost twice as expensive as a cup of hot coffee.

The caffeine contains crystals

The caffeine containing a little amount of crystals, thanks to which we have significantly increased energy.

Before being processed coffee beans look like red balls

Believe it or not, before being processed the coffee beans look like currants. Actually from these big red balls later are produced the coffee beans.

Coffee acts very fast

From the moment you drink the first sip of coffee, you need only 10 minutes to feel the enormous effect.

The caffeine enhances the good effect of your exercise

The caffeine increases the level of adrenaline and helps burn fat, which leads to better physical fitness. So, drink a cup of coffee a few minutes before workout.