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How Interaction of Compounds in Cannabis Affect Medical Use of Marijuana?

Medical marijuana has been legalized in more than 20 states. Experts have changed their opinions about it as well. Many people are now believing the fact that marijuana must be legalized for medical uses. However, there are negative impacts of smoking too much or using it for non-medicinal purposes.

There are two active chemicals in marijuana namely cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol which have medicinal applications. They seem to impact brain and relieve pain. Nevertheless, patients are treated for their conditions by possible interactions between cannabis and other pharmaceutical drugs like medical marijuana. In fact now people can grow medical marijuana with new true blue flavors to enhance its usage.

Combination of different compounds have unpredictable effects on any kind of patient. Here are some of them listed:

Tranquilizing effect adds up

The natural compounds of cannabis add up their action on nervous system to one the pain medications, like medical marijuana leading in strengthening of these substance effects. This interaction of compounds can help patients with chronic pain.

It also adds more effectiveness to sedative drugs or other tranquilizers. The chemical compounds boost the activity of GABA neurotransmitters in nervous system which leads to a soothing effect.

Blood sugar and diabetes level control

Blood sugar levels regulation is controlled by endocannabinoid system. Combination of cannabis with such drugs have also proved to control blood sugar and diabetes.

Help mental issues

There are many patients suffering from psychological and psychiatric conditions. They intake antidepressants or other drugs that contain serotonin. Medical marijuana is also used for treating anxiety. It helps to relieve pain and nausea. It also makes a patient more creative, which may be considered as a benefit. Such drugs show a potentiated effect when combined with active principles of cannabis plant.

The stimulant action of these drugs is triggered. Cannabis has been proved as a great drug for treating depression, bipolar symptoms and other mental conditions. Such is the scenario with medical marijuana. Positive results are being achieved with cannabis components alone or combining it with medical marijuana.

Patients suffering PTSD have also benefited from these interaction of compounds. In fact, PTSD is one the major reasons why people get license for using marijuana. Naturally occurring cannabinoids are good regulators of system causing fear and anxiety in body and brain. Combination also protects the brain after a stroke. The plant may keep the brain safe after other traumatic events like concussions.


Interaction between cannabis and other pharmaceutical drugs have proved to be beneficial in many terms. However the usage must be limited. There has been a hot debate on legalization of marijuana. People tend to abuse its usage and utilize it for illicit purpose. It really is the matter of legislation to look over this issue, but the medical field has surely benefited from its legalization. There are surely downsides associated with it but it varies from person to person. If it is used in a restricted and controlled manner, then one can surely reap benefits that we were not allowed previously.

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