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Instantly Ageless Reviews – What You Should Know About This Ageless Cream

Debate has been high all around the world on the beauty product named Instantly Ageless- the miraculous under eye bag, dark circle and wrinkle remover.

Does it really work like what so many advertisements claim?

Some say that this product is just an over-hyped marketing strategy like many others. While others claim that it is their savior for meetups and important get together occasions.


Ageless Cream – Price and Usage

This Ageless eye cream has some main competitors in the market, mainly Botox injection clinics. All along doctors have been dominating the eye bag and wrinkle concealer market, till Instantly Ageless came in. We all know that Botox is a form of plastic or enhancing surgery injection that temporarily lifts up the saggy skin due to aging. With one jab costing between a thousand to two thousand, Botox jabs are certainly not easy for the pocket. Especially for common folks who find the current costs of living already way too high.

Now, let us compare that to the price of Instantly Ageless. One box of Instantly costs around $74 USD or so, and contains 50 sachets. It has been said that one sachet can probably be used up to three to four times.
Provided it is well-sealed and air tight in between usage. An air tight sealer would be needed. Sealers can be easily bought at nearby convenience stores.

Instantly Ageless – By Jeunesse Global

By the way, Instantly Ageless Jeunesse is now a company that is among the top 20 direct selling companies. This was just voted at the Direct Selling News in April 2016. Some food for thought if you wanted to know if this beauty product is from a reliable source. It was also recently made available in Brazil and Canada.

Now, let us discuss about the more important, if not most important factor.

Does Instantly Ageless really work?

Recently, advertisements have been all over the place, such as featuring on The Doctors show, Rachel Ray Show etc.
When I first saw the television advertisement on TV, I was in much doubt. Heck, I was even wondering if there was some kind of camera trick being done. I mean, how could any product really make wrinkles and eye bags or dark circles, disappear in minutes? I went online to search for some Instantly Ageless reviews, was interested but still in some doubt. Then one day, one of my girlfriends came along to my place, sat me down, and told me they had something to try on me.

Instantly Ageless Cream – My First Try

Yes, it was Instantly Ageless cream that they wanted to test on me. They told me that they were now distributors. They wanted me to be their model and take a video of the application process. So, I gladly obliged and told them I wanted to see if it really works or not as well.

They told me I had to first wash my face so that oil does not get in the way. So after washing, I cleaned my face with a clean towel and sat down in front of them on the sofa. They were well-equipped with a portable electric fan, which they said would help the product work faster. I let them know my concerns about product safety, and they assured me it was. They said that it would work like makeup, results were temporary but that I would love it.

So they started their experiment on me, while I sat there with a small mirror. I wanted to see for myself the changes, if any. My other friend was in charge of taking the video.

They applied just a small portion on to their index finger and gently tapped the product under my eyes. My girlfriends knew very well how bad my eye bag issue was. I felt a tingling tightening sensation for a few seconds. Other than that, I did not complain. And true enough, my eye bags seemed to lift up in a minute or so! I was truly amazed.

I have tried several beauty companies selling eye creams but none of them worked as fast or as visible as this. I truly recommend this to anyone who has similar issues like me.

At this price, of around $74 US dollars for 50 sachets, I sure am going to be a regular customer of Instantly Ageless. My friends were happy too, as they make around 30% to 40% commissions per box they sell.

Highly recommend this to anyone who wants to clear this beauty issues as fast as possible.