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Inspiring South East Asian Hairstyles

There’s always that unique look the South East Asian girl has and this is mostly due to her hairstyle. Whether it’s a soft or classic updo or something edgy yet chic, hairstyles can be the difference between a girl who goes unnoticed or one whose hair is so well done everyone wants to take another peek at her. We’ve collected a few inspiring Southeast Asian hairstyles to help you turn the heads, look and feel beautiful.

Wispy Bangs

Fans of Southeast Asian dramas and pop world would notice the very thin exposure about the forehead in a wispy bang. It compares with straight and thick bangs but goes a step further allowing the see-through perfectly done bangs to soften the facial features leaving behind a sweet doll and girly look. It’s superb if you’re thinking about creating that illusion that your face is smaller, a desire of every girl. Low maintenance, see-through bangs hardly require daily trips to the salon; no hair needs to be cut to pull off the look.

Unsymmetrical Lob

You can actually try out the shorter hair trend via the unsymmetrical lob, generally a longer kind of bob, but of a medium length. It usually skims about your shoulders or hangs just about your chin for a classic Southeast Asian hairstyle. While it has been around since the 1930s, the lob is loved for being low maintenance, effortless hair styling and chic.

Half Up Bouffant

Once the hair has been poofed up by using volumizing mousse for the root to prep it up, the result is a root that’s given some much needed additional hold and boost. After blow drying normally and having had the crown backcombed, including the sides, you can then accomplish the half up bouffant by gathering a section of the hair on the top and have it secured using a thin kind of barrette or pins.

Messy Updo

One of the easiest styles to achieve, the messy updo is quite easy to complete in contrast with the original considering a very short time is needed to polish the hairstyle. The outcome is definitely worth the effort. The gorgeous outcome of the messy updo is the look that every girl on the entourage, a guest or bride dreams about.

Messy Beach Waves

If you’re attending a formal occasion the half updo’s messy beach waves are worth a try. Glam the look by choosing an embellished clip to secure the elegant pony rather tan a drab elastic band. The waves need to appear effortless and natural. Texture and a chic mane volume can be accomplished by spraying some sea salt on it prior to the styling.

Coloured Tresses

Coloured tresses such as caramel coloured ones, are mesmerising. They’re even grand if they depict lots of lowlights and highlights for an amazing look. Go ahead and lightly curl your hair using hot rollers or a wand. The crown should then be backcombed for a sexy highlight as you do the half-up style. For a rocky finish allow free flow of hair at the sides.

Cascading Waves

A flattering look on a Southeast Asian girl is accomplished best with the right hairstyle such as a display of cascading waves about the mane. Of course it should be of the right colour, essentially a unique colour that perfectly matches the skin tone. This is critical to liven up your entire look. For instance, if your skin has been in the sun, caramel coloured locks can be the highlight you’re looking for, infused with some undertones of a blonde a tad gingerly.