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Innovative Ideas On Using LED Strip Lights In Your Home

When done properly, LED light strips can be a significant addition to a home. There are plenty of innovative ways you can utilize LED strip lights in your home. In this article, we will discuss some of them.

Different Ways To Use LED Strip Lights In Your Home:

  1. Stairs

One of the best ways to utilize these kinds of lights in your home is by placing them along, on the side, or underneath your stairs. That way, not only can you achieve a great look, but the lights can serve a functional purpose as well. This is especially true if your stairwell is dark. Along with this, if you have open riser stairs, it would look phenomenal if you place the lights underneath. However, more importantly, having these lights alongside or near your stairs are going to make it much less likely that you trip or fall while walking on them in the dark. Along with this, you are going to be able to conserve a good amount of energy being able to avoid turning on the lights when you get up at night. You can even utilize various proximity sensors that will allow you to get them to turn on when it senses you on the stairs.

  1. Mirrors

Another good place to use these kinds of lights is on your mirrors. By using LED lighting on your mirrors and its surrounding edges, you should be able to achieve a great effect that makes your mirrors stand out. Along with being able to achieve an effect on them, you will also be able to add more functional lighting to your mirrors which can be very helpful in a variety of ways.

  1. Monitor or TV Accents

Another good way to consider using these lights is surrounding your monitor and/or TV. By placing the lights around your monitor and/or TV, you should be able to minimize the stress that is placed on your eyes when looking at the monitor or TV in low light conditions. This is easily one of the best ways to minimize the negative impact that the bright screen can have on your eyes. You can use various colors to achieve this kind of benefit with the LED strips.

  1. Nightlight

Another good way that you can use these lights in your home is by using them as a replacement for nightlights. Instead of having nightlights scattered around your home, you can use these strips which will give you the same effect. Being able to store these light strips throughout your home is going to give you much more lighting that you can work with. Along with being able to lighten areas that you want to have some light in, you will be able to minimize the energy wasted on it because LED light strips are very efficient when it comes to the power they utilize.

  1. Under Furniture

Another innovative way that you might be able to make use of these lights is by placing them underneath your furniture. By placing these light strips underneath furniture like sofas, couches, and beds, you should be able to achieve a very stylish look. A lot of lounges that you might check out across the globe make use of this type of lighting. As you can probably tell, it can make your furniture stand out, it can allow you to have more accent lighting to take advantage of when you are sitting on your couch or bed, and it can really look great.

  1. Shelves

Another good option to use these kinds of light strips is for shelf lighting. Being able to use these strips on your shelves will allow you to brighten the space to make it easier to see and find things on the shelves. Along with this, it is going to allow you to effectively color the different shelves the way you want them to look which can really look great. You can also use the lighting as a specific type of decoration to display what the shelf is holding.

  1. Kitchen Cabinets

Another good option would be to use these light strips underneath your kitchen cabinets. Typically, when you are installing them in your kitchen, you are going to want to use white lights. That way, you are able to add functional lights to your kitchen and have it look great at the same time. This is going to make it much easier to get optimal lighting for your kitchen tasks and it can really help to minimize the amount of light you end up having to use in total.

  1. Drawers

Another good option for these kinds of LED light strips would be to use them inside of drawers. It can be difficult enough to see the inside of drawers and figure out what is in them. To add some light, you can simply place an LED light strip inside and it will brighten up the entire drawer. This is a great way to add lighting to your drawer.

There are plenty of different innovative ways to approach using LED light strips in your home. If you are looking to use them to maximize the functionality of a specific space, a piece of furniture, or otherwise, you are going to be able to easily. LED light strips have a functional value that can allow you to optimize lighting conditions just about anywhere. Along with this, they are also a great addition to a home if you are looking for innovative use-cases.

Whether you are doing it for aesthetics, to save energy, or to make your space easier to navigate, there are a lot of different ways you can leverage these strips throughout your home. They are capable of producing a significant output of light and they are extremely efficient due to LED technology offering the greatest efficiency standards in the industry. Because of this, they are an excellent addition to both an innovative and environmental friendly and conscious household. You can find them available in just about every color imaginable.


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