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Influencer Bee Becomes a Huge Star on Instagram For a Great Cause

This bee probably has the coolest job in the world! She’s an influencer and she’s living quite the luxurious life.

The environmentalist group called “Fondation de France” created the Instagram profile for the influencer bee called B. The group constantly post photos of the bee enjoying influencer life, living a luxurious life and posing in places all around the world. The adorable tiny insect is becoming really popular and has more than 117.000 followers.

This Instagram account isn’t just for entertainment, it has a serious message behind it. Companies pay or the products to be featured on the bee’s profile, with all the fees going directly to the organization trying to secure the future of bees. All the money made from the ads will be used to take actions in order to protect all species of bees, including new researches.

Did you know that since 1900, UK has lost 13 species of bee and 35 are considered under threat of extinction? Not one bee species is protected by law and nearly 1 in 10 wild bee species in Europe face extinction.

That’s where little influencer bee comes and plays a huge role in saving her cousins bees.

The disappearance of bees doesn’t only concerns bees. Bees are the key pillar of the ecosystem, global economic system and our food. By protecting the bees, we’re protecting our planet and humankind!