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WHY is India the Most Preferred Destination for IVF Treatment?

What is – In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

In Vitro Fertilization, referred to as IVF is an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). IVF is a process of fertilization where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body, laboratory dish. The embryo(s) is then transferred to the uterus.

Why is IVF used?

IVF can be used to treat infertility in the following conditions/situations of the patients:

  1. Fallopian tube damage/ blockage
  2. Male factor infertility including decreased sperm count or sperm motility
  3. Ovulation disorders
  4. Premature ovarian failure
  5. Impaired sperm production
  6. Endometriosis
  7. Uterine fibroids
  8. Tubal sterilization
  9. A genetic disorder
  10. Fertility preservation for cancer or other health conditions
  11. Unexplained infertility

Foreigners choose IVF Centres in India for infertility treatment for the following reasons:

  • The first test tube baby Louise Joy Brownwas born at Oldham General Hospital, England on July 25, 1978, and the second baby Kanupriya Agarwal was born in India just 67 days later on October 3, 1978. Since then, India has become among the most preferred destination for IVF. State of art and high quality IVF Centres are easily accessible for people from all the parts of the world at very affordable prices.
  • The quality of medical treatment in of IVF in many Indian hospitals and clinics is comparable to that offered in USA. This is because IVF Centres in India especially the IVF Centre in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and other cities follow all the quality standards to provide class apart IVF Treatment. The success rate of IVF treatment in different IVF Centres in India is very high.
  • Indian doctors are known to be more skilled professionals and approx. 98% of them speak English. The cost of IVF treatment in other countries is extremely high. In USA, approx. cost for IVF treatment is about $18000.00/ Rs.1170000.00 a cycle where as in India the same costs around $6000.00/ Rs.400000.00 Even after considering the accommodation cost and travel cost, the total cost of the treatment will be still considerably lower than that in the USA.
  • Couples desiring children from US, European countries, African countries, Middle East and Asian countries prefer India as a destination for high quality IVF treatment and affordable IVF centres.

  • Foreigners coming for IVF treatment to India has more than doubled in the last few years. Hence fertility tourism has become a big business now in India. Infertility treatments make many childless couples to consider India as hot destination for infertility treatment.
  • The cost for IVF treatment in other countries is as following

Approx. Cost

USA $16000.00 – $18000.00 (Rs.1050000.00 – Rs.1170000.00)
U.K $10000.00 to $16000.00 (Rs.650000.00 – Rs.1050000.00)
Singapore $7000.00 to $12000.00 (Rs.455000.00 – Rs.780000.00)
  • IVF Treatment Cost is the most important factor along with the IVF Treatment Centre’s quality. In India cost of IVF Treatment varies from IVF centre to centre.
  • In India, IVF will cost around $5000.00 – $6500.00 (Rs.350000.00 – 450000.00) at the Best IVF Centre in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and other cities.
  • Surrogacy considering Law in India:

Surrogacy has been legalized in India since 2002. In India rules and regulations for surrogacy are quite different than other countries where intended parents have the legal right to their child.

  • The sitting period for the consultation and treatment:

In India, due to the availability of Fertility Centres, doctors, clinics and another resource in large volume one can get the treatment and consultation as early as possible. In other countries it takes a longer time for a doctor’s appointment which is approx. 15-20 days which is further followed by treatment, consultation, legal formalities, paper work and other tedious processes.

IVF Fertility techniques:

1) Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

During IUI method, selected sperms are directly placed into the woman’s uterus near the egg to increase the chances of conceiving.

2) Donor sperm

Donor sperms are used if the man is dealing with male factor infertility or has some genetic disorder which he does not want to pass on to his children.

3) Donor eggs

Donor eggs are used if you have poor quality eggs, damaged ovaries, genetic disorders or have undergone chemotherapy or radiation. The eggs are taken from another woman and fertilized with the sperm of your partner.

4) Donor embryos 

Embryos are usually donated by couples, who have successfully conceived using IVF and no longer need their unused fertilized eggs. Donor embryos are used when there is infertility issues in both men and women.

5) Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

ICSI treatment is recommended for men with poor sperm quality/ low sperm count. A single sperm is injected with a microscopic needle directly into the egg in this procedure.

6) Laser – assisted hatching 

Laser assisted hatching is used to help the embryo hatch from its protective outer shell, so as to promote implantation after embryo transfer. It is used when a person is in the older age group, using frozen embryos or had unsuccessful IVF cycles earlier.

7) Surrogacy

Here the surrogate carries a baby for another woman and becomes pregnant by artificial insemination, using the father’s sperm or through IVF with the couple’s embryo. Donor eggs and/or sperm may also be used.

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