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Inbal Amirav on the Beauty Secret She Learned From Her Makeup Artist on Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

Inbal Amirav has a lot to celebrate these days. As we sit down for the interview, she
reveals today is her four months wedding anniversary. The young couple is celebrating
by going to the theaters to see Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood. Amirav’s appearance
on the silver screen in Quentin Tarantino’s much-anticipated ninth film is another reason
calling for a celebration.

The movie is a nostalgic masterpiece, and we can rave about many aspects of the film,
one of them is the iconic makeup of the era. We are so inspired by the makeup in the
film, did you learn any makeup tricks while on set?

There was so much attention to details. Samantha Ward was my makeup artist, she was
wonderful, and I did pick up a great makeup tip from her. Instead of using an intense black for
an eyeliner, she used a product meant for eyebrows! She used Anastasia of Beverly Hills
Dipbrow Pomade in Ebony so the application is softer and you would not have the impression of
a graphic liner. And it’s matte.

Photography by Marcel Indik

Interesting! You worked with some the best makeup artists in Hollywood while playing
roles on shows like Transparent, SWAT and CSI. Are there any other great tips you
picked up?

Yes, I did. Sitting in the makeup chair and being transformed into the character is one of my
favorite things on set. And I do love learning cool new tricks.
For foundation, I learned it’s not just about a light-dark match, that undertones are also
important and that color should be matched to the neck to blend seamlessly. Undertones can
vary from warm pink, neutral yellow to cool blue. Some foundations look great in person but in
studio lights or harsh sunlight look like a yellowish or pinkish mask.
For on-camera auditions or if I’m going to an event and I know I’ll be photographed, I use It
Cosmetic CC cream, which has cool taupe undertones. And I mix it with Charlotte Tilbury Light
Wonder Foundation for a more lightweight ‘Veil Fluid’ and an added glow.

Best beauty advice you learned from your mom?

The biggest beauty lesson my mom taught me is that I’m beautiful. Nothing makes a woman
more beautiful, then the belief that she is beautiful. I hope we inspire whoever is reading this
interview to feel beautiful.
Aside from that, my mom is big about using sunblock. She always made sure my sister and I
wore sunscreen and a hat if we were in the sun. She used Clinique SPF on our face, and that’s
what I use nowadays as well. Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector Broad Spectrum
SPF 40 by Clinique. It’s a sheer, weightless formula, and I also use it as a primer.
When I was 16, my mom took me to an esthetician who matched products for my skin. I have
been using the eye cream she suggested ever since. It’s Anna Lotan Eye Contour Under MakeUp Eye & Neck Cream. It’s excellent for all skin types.

Photography by Marcel Indik

What’s your best beauty advice?

Eat your barriers. The vibrant, beautiful colors of many fruits and vegetables are Mother
Nature’s way of telling us that those foods are loaded with antioxidants. The vibrant hue of
blueberries and strawberries is a signal that they are packed with an antioxidant system called
Polyphenols. Polyphenols help protect skin and act as an anti-inflammatory. I love making
smoothies with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Sounds yummy!
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is now in theaters.