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In Pursuit of The Perfect Face

Beauty experts agree that beauty while subjective and certainly biased by personal taste does in fact conform to scientific principles.  It’s easy to understand the concept of symmetry as it pertains to beauty, the more harmonious your facial features are the more attractive the world will perceive you.  Youth also plays a role as wrinkles and turkey neck signs of aging certainly distract from the symmetry you may possess.  As we age most women face the question of do I pursue symmetry (straightening out a crooked nose, etc..) or do I pursue youth with a  facelift or even a non-invasive procedure designed to lessen the evidence of the passing of time.

Symmetry Versus Youth

Now that we have established the 2 main factors that can pursue to achieve the ‘perfect face’ let’s pit them against each other and discuss which one will produce the greatest result the fastest.  Studies have shown that turning back the hands of time is a much more achievable outcome versus pursuing symmetry.  Rhinoplasty procedures can produce some amazing results but even with a successful nose job other aspects of symmetry may be off, still keeping you from a fully symmetrical appearance.  To achieve symmetrical beauty all features must follow a mathematical model.  For example the length of the face must be about 3 lengths of your nose.  Eyebrow length should start at the corner of your nose at the same height and extend outward.  I could go on but if you want to really dig into the science of beauty on a symmetrical level it’s a much more difficult path to go down to improve your beauty.

Most Women Can Make Significant Improvements To Their Beauty by Pursuing Youth

Hopefully, you are starting to understand why it’s a much easier task to improve your looks than to try to achieve perfect symmetry.  Achieving symmetry and youth usually ends up looking overdone and very painfully obvious that you’ve had ‘plastic surgery’ which most women do not want.  If you’re simply looking for a beautiful youthful version of yourself these are the youth oriented procedures you should consider;

  • Facelift or mini-facelift. This is a surgical procedure and the mini version is less invasive and a shorter procedure and the route you take depends on your specific situation and what you and your doctor discuss.
  • Botox. This is an ongoing minimally invasive procedure that smooths out fine lines and wrinkles around eyes, forehead, mouth, etc…  The results typically last for several months and Botox has been extremely well studied and used in hundreds of thousands of patients around the world so the safety profile is very good.
  • Laser procedures. There are many different laser options out there on the market that can help you remove skin blemishes, even help with saggy skin, etc…  It’s a very easy procedure and you may need several procedures to see a visible result.  Considered safe if done by a qualified operator.
  • Dermal Fillers. Fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, etc…  can help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles by filling them in with a gel like substance that is injected into your face.  Similar to Botox except they work differently.

Overall, if you are looking to improve your appearance, it is most definitely not possible to achieve ‘the perfect face’ but if you understand the core aspects of beauty (symmetry and youthfulness) you’ll achieve a great result without going to far and looking over done or worse.