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Important Tips For Faster Post-Surgery Recovery

Feeling anxious about the post-surgery recovery? The post-procedural process can be so frustrating to many. It is accompanied by pain, bruising, swelling, and sleeplessness. But, you should know that there are a few tips that will help you feel more comfortable. Every surgery is different and requires a special approach. However, the following tips will help you a lot.

Proper sleep position

Your sleeping position is really important. The constant tossing and the pressure on certain body parts can result in swelling, pain, and can even slow down the healing process. The perfect sleeping position is determined by the type of surgery that you had.

The most recommended sleeping position after surgery is to sleep on your back. If you have had an arm, leg, or spine surgery, then this position is the perfect one. Tucking a blanket for additional support is also required.

Sleeping on the side should be avoided in most of the surgeries. Or, you can insert additional support between the legs.

Finding the best sleeping position after breast augmentation is crucial. You won’t be allowed to sleep on your stomach. Changing your sleeping position will reduce swelling, increase circulation, and keep the breast in a good position.

Wound care

Any kind of incision runs the risk of getting infected. That’s why you should strictly follow your doctor’s recommendations. Keep the wound dry, apply the prescribed medications, and observe it. If you notice puss, strong odour, or increased swelling, ask your doctor. These are the first signs that your wound isn’t healing properly.

Consume more protein-rich foods

Your post-surgical diet should give your body the needed nutrients. It is very important that you consume more protein-rich foods. Proteins will boost the healing and rebuild the damaged tissue. That’s why you should consume more nuts, eggs, yoghurt, and fish.

Also, make sure that you take enough vitamin C. It boosts collagen production. And we know that collagen is an important protein that the skin is made of. Eat more citrus fruits and broccoli for a speedy recovery.

Get enough rest

A good rest will speed up the healing process. Your body invests a lot of energy during the recovery. Getting a good night’s sleep will restore your energy. You are recommended to get at least seven hours of quality sleep.

Avoid sun exposure

Sun can increase the swelling and make the scars darker. Keep in mind that the skin on your nose is more prone to sunburn during the healing process. That’s why you need to protect your heled wound from direct sun rays.

Don’t smoke

If you are a smoker, you must be frustrated to find out that you shouldn’t smoke during the recovery process. But, keep in mind that it can slow down the recovery. Smoking is known to reduce the amount of oxygen, preventing it to get to the wounds. Oxygen fights inflammation and speeds up the healing process, so be sure to quit smoking.