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Important Reasons Why Your Child Should Skip Sports and Take Piano Lessons

If you’re like most parents, the moment you found out you were pregnant, you and your partner started planning your child’s future. Before you knew the sex of the baby, you both were coming up with possible boy and girl names. Then once you found out the sex of the baby, you started saying things like “he’s going to be a basketball star” or “she’s going to be the best little soccer player.” You knew right then that your little one is going to grow up and become an amazing athlete.

It’s not that sports is a bad pastime for kids to get involved in but why is it always the first go-to for parents? A lot of the time it’s because at least one of the parents played sports when they were younger and want their child to play it as a way to share a special bond with their child when they get older. Then again, some parents want their child to play a sport because they never did growing up.

Again, playing a sport isn’t a bad thing at all but have you ever considered getting your child involved in music? Music isn’t something that comes up as often as pee-wee football and it really should, especially playing the piano. By playing the piano, your child will benefit in so many ways. In fact, it’s backed by science just how much the brain improves just by taking piano lessons.

According to parent.com, learning how to play an instrument increases brain matter and it helps to slow aging on the brain, so the earlier you get your child in piano lessons, the better. That’s what parents do with their kids when they get them involved in sports, and it works the exact same way with piano lessons.

If you’re seriously considering getting your child interested in playing the piano, you first need to find a music academy that offers piano lessons and then be prepared to help them on their musical journey because just like sports, it’s going to get hard, they’re going to get discouraged, and they’re going to want to quit but just keep them motivated and inspired… they’re going to be so grateful for it later on in life.

Take a look at some of the most important reasons why you should get your child enrolled in piano lessons.

1. Piano lessons improve cognitive skills

The fact that piano lessons improve your child’s cognitive skills also means that it’s improving their performance in school. Their reading and listening skills, as well as their speech and creativity, are all being enhanced through piano lessons and they don’t even realize it.

It’s backed by science that children who are musically inclined, have better memory and process information at a very fast rate. This skill comes in handy with math and science. Those might be two subjects you had a hard time in school with but your child will excel in them from the help of piano lessons. Next thing you know, you’ll be trying to figure out how to raise a high IQ child!

2. Piano lessons teach discipline and are the first steps to having an incredible work ethic

In order to be a great piano player, it takes an incredible amount of practice… just ask any musician, and to learn the piano will not only take discipline but it’s going to require dedication as well.

Learning to play the piano takes an immense amount of discipline and dedication to sit in front of the piano and concentrate on what you’re playing. Where the discipline and dedication really comes in is when you practice on your own without anyone telling you to do. Your little one won’t get to that point immediately but they will with time.

3. Piano lessons build confidence

How many times have you heard people say “I wish I would’ve taken piano lessons” or “I wish I would’ve stuck with my piano lessons”? You hear it all the time. When people see that your child plays the piano, they’re going to always tell them to stick with it because they wish they had.

That might not sound like a confidence-builder but it actually is… it’s the push they need to keep playing even when they don’t want to. Not only that but in taking piano lessons, they’re going to have recitals and various other performances in front of people.

By performing in front of people, that’s also going to build their confidence up and make them less shy.