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Imam Opens the Mosque’s Doors to Keep Stray Cats Warm and Safe

In Istanbul there is a mosque where you can pray with cats. Yes, it’s true!

Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque’s imam Mustafa Efe is letting stray cats inside the mosque for a year now. He wants to make sure that they’re warm and safe during the cold, winter days.

Efe really enjoys the cat’s presence in the mosque and he makes his tiny quests feel just like home. One cat, even brought her kittens in the mosque, one by one. She placed her tiny fur balls where Efe preaches.

“The kitty has found the heart of compassion and mercy,” wrote Efe on Facebook.

Imam-Opens-the-Mosque’s-Doors-to-Keep-Stray-Cats-Warm-and-Safe-1 Imam-Opens-the-Mosque’s-Doors-to-Keep-Stray-Cats-Warm-and-Safe-2 Imam-Opens-the-Mosque’s-Doors-to-Keep-Stray-Cats-Warm-and-Safe-3 Imam-Opens-the-Mosque’s-Doors-to-Keep-Stray-Cats-Warm-and-Safe-4 Imam-Opens-the-Mosque’s-Doors-to-Keep-Stray-Cats-Warm-and-Safe-5 Imam-Opens-the-Mosque’s-Doors-to-Keep-Stray-Cats-Warm-and-Safe-6 Imam-Opens-the-Mosque’s-Doors-to-Keep-Stray-Cats-Warm-and-Safe-7 Imam-Opens-the-Mosque’s-Doors-to-Keep-Stray-Cats-Warm-and-Safe-8 Imam-Opens-the-Mosque’s-Doors-to-Keep-Stray-Cats-Warm-and-Safe-9