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If You Find Your Weirdo, Never Let Him Go

If you found someone that’s crazy and is insanely himself, then never let him go. It’s quite rare finding someone who’s not afraid to comfortable enough to be a complete and utter weirdo, then cherish him forever. Your weirdo is like no one you’ve ever been before. He’s like this breath of fresh air mixed with electricity that can send you to a whole other world. He’s magnetic, his world is a world of wonders and he’ll change your life forever.


To be honest, dating a weirdo is better than dating someone trying to be normal and fit the standards.

Here’s why it’s good dating a weirdo!

1. Weirdoes don’t expect the relationship to be a certain way

They don’t have any expectations. They let the relationship take its flow and enjoy every moment of it.

2. Weirdoes appreciate different opinions

Weirdoes have their own opinions and feeling and sometimes different opinions can clash. Weirdoes won’t allow this to be a problem in your relationship because they want you to express your opinions and be your best self.

3. Weirdoes will reveal the freak inside you

Just when you thought you know yourself, you’ll meet someone who will challenge every part of your being. Weirdoes will make you rethink your passions and your life.

4. Weirdoes will let you take time to pursue your own adventures

They’ll always support you and they’ll always be there for you. They believe in you as much as they believe in themselves.

5. Weirdoes will wake up every creative interest you have

Those weird and crazy notions you kept for so long will be nurtured and praised. Those tiny and strange dreams you never talked about, your weirdo is going to want to hear.

6. Weirdoes will never make you feel weird about yourself

They want you to open up and show your weirdness. They’re always ready to explore your inner weird thoughts.

7. Sex with a weirdo is unforgettable

Weirdoes aren’t scared to try anything, even in the bedroom. They even want their sex life to be crazy and spontaneous. The weirdo is going to be the best sex you’ve ever had.