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Iceland: The Definitive Guide 2021

Iceland is a fantastic country of volcanoes, mountains, glaciers, hot spring, national parks, and geothermal waters. The country is geared for tourism and is one of the best places on Earth for a driving holiday. You can see nearly everything from the Ring Road or Golden Circle, and rental car options are good. In fact, it is recommended.

Vendors such as https://www.reykjavikcars.com/ are excellent and allow you to rent both two-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. If you plan to take a vehicle along the F-road routes, you will need a four by four and one of the better ones at that to get to the best places.

You can also rent cars directly from Keflavik International Airport, and the capital city of Reykjavik. And if you plan a multi-day road trip in Iceland, rent an affordable campervan from rental companies like Cozy Campers. Spend your holiday exploring the country’s myriad attractions in a camper with friends or family. From cozy bedding to mood lighting, cover the long miles and take breaks at a comfortable pace.

So, now you’re all set where to go? Here are some ideas.


Askja is in the highlands of Iceland and is not far from the Ring Road. Given its location, however, it is a good idea to take a four by four to reach this amazing place.

Head towards the Dyngjufjoll Mountains to the north of the Vatnajökull National Park to reach it.  The drive is adventurous, and you’ll come across the Askja Caldera. This 36 square mile region formed when a volcanic eruption caused the lava field just under the surface of the land to collapse. The Askja Caldera is actually three interlinked cauldrons.

When here you can:

  • Appreciate the Öskjuvatn Lake – This is the deepest lake in Iceland and has a depth over 600 feet and covers about 8 square miles.
  • See the Víti Volcano – This volcano contains a 60m deep geothermal lake that maintains a constant 71.6 Fahrenheit.

You’ll also marvel at the rugged yet beautiful landscapes that beg to be explored.


If you have a four by four Landmannalaugar is a region you must explore.  To reach it you pick up the Ring Road heading south along the N1 and pick up the F-225, F-208, and F-224.

Like Askja, it is only open in the summer months due to the roads being impossible to traverse unless you have a super jeep.

The region is known for its stunning colorful landscapes much of which is part of the Fjallabak Nature Reserve. Like much of the area the UNESCO protected park is formed by volcanic and geothermal activity. Principally this is from the Torfajökull Volcano. Its frequent eruptions over the last 10,000 years have created the region we see today.

When here you can:

  • Savour the landscape – The Rhyolite Mountains forms much of the landscape, and they are a fusion of rhyolite, sulphur, moss, and iron. This fusion has created the vibrant colors that are so unusual and can’t really be found anywhere else on Earth.
  • Walk in the lava fields – The lava fields stretch across the valleys between the mountains, and local legend states that elves and trolls inhabit them. Given their nature and the feelings they generate, that may well be true. Laugahraun, Hrafntinnuhraun and Namshraun lava fields are the most popular.
  • Hot Springs – Near the Laugahraun lava field is a stretch of geothermal land. The hot water streams mix with cold air making a perfect bathing temperature of 96.8–104ºF even in winter. These ‘People’s pools’ have been bathing travelers down the ages.

Gullfoss Waterfall

Part of the Golden Circle the Gullfoss Waterfall is one of the best and most remarkable waterfalls in the world. It is about a one and half hour drive from the capital city of Reykjavik, and you only need a two-wheel drive to get there.

The waterfall is so magnificent that it is recommended you spend half a day here.

The most unique thing about it is that you view it from the top and not the bottom. In the summer months, all viewpoints tend to be open and rainbow colours form as the water plunges into a crevice below.

The waterfall is made from two waterfalls, one that is 35ft which flows into the bigger one, which features a 200-foot drop.

There are various trails that can take you to different viewing points which will make your photography that little bit more impressive.

Note that some GPS systems show the Gullfoss Waterfall as “Golden Falls” which is the name it translates in English. If the address comes up as part of the Golden Circle you have the right one and can now travel to it.

Iceland is a fantastic country and to save money further consider hiring a campervan. This can be a great cost saver, and you can get four by four ones to see the highlands.

It should be noted that the golden rule is to refill your tank whenever you can as you never know when you can fill up again.

To get all the information on Iceland, Visit Reykjavik contains good information and can help you adjust to the culture.