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Husbands Stress Women Twice as Much as Children

Did you know that more than 50% of married women feel like they don’t have the support of their husbands and need to parent them too? This situation causes major stress on women and it’s draining their energy.

Many women consider marriage as demanding as motherhood. One study showed that married women who have children rate their stress an 8.5 out of 10 and around 50% of women said that their husbands are causing more stress than their kids.

Here’s what the study showed:

  • 1 in every 5 mothers says that her main cause of stress is the lack of help from her husband.
  • 3 out of 4 mothers claim they do most of the household and parenting duties.
  • Most of the mothers claim that they’re most stressed when they lack in time to finish everything that needs to be done at the house.

Another study, made by the University of Padova shows that when the wife dies, the health of the husband starts to deteriorate. On the other hand, when the husband dies, the wife becomes healthier and deals with stress and depression much easier.

Here’s what you can do to reduce the stress on women and make their lives a bit easier:

  • All responsibilities should be split among the partners!
  • In some cases, women don’t trust their husbands enough to give them important responsibilities. Don’t stress yourself by trying to do everything by yourself. Ask your partner to step in and see how you’ll feel relieved.
  • Do not only focus on parenting. Your marriage also needs attention and dedication.