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Human Testing of ‘Cancer-Killing Pills’ Has Begun

Are we finally close to a cure for cancer? The field of cancer research is constantly evolving, and new treatments and clinical trials are ongoing. After 20 years of research, scientists have created the AOH1996 drug, which attacks a variant of a cancerous protein, ie. proliferating cell antigen (PCNA), present in most cancer cells, which stimulates their growth and reproduction. At the same time, healthy cells remain unchanged.

The AOH1996 drug was created at City of Hope in Los Angeles, one of the largest American organizations for cancer research and treatment, Sky News reports. The pill has been shown to be effective in treating more than 70 different types of cancer cells; from breast, prostate, brain, ovarian, cervical, skin and lung cancer.

Professor Linda Malkas, who developed the drug, explained: “PCNA is like the hub of a major airport terminal containing multiple aircraft exits. The data suggest that PCNA in cancer cells is unique, which allowed us to create a drug that specifically attacks PCNA in cancer cells.

Although initial results are promising, previous research has concluded that AOH1996 can suppress tumor growth in cell and animal models, but phase 1 human clinical trials are currently underway.