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Human Growth Hormone – Functions, Importance, Therapy

In the human body, all processes are strictly controlled by the nervous and endocrine systems. Human growth is no exception here, with somatotropin being responsible for growth stimulation, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans. HGH (human growth hormone) is considered a key hormone since it controls many functions in a human body. HGH is responsible for youth, strength, and energy; it reduces weight by burning fat.

Under the influence of human growth hormone, the body forms an insulin-like substance, which stimulates the growth and development of all tissues and organs in the human body. In addition to the growth effect, somatotropin also has anabolic properties, stimulating the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Visit https://www.hgha.com/hgh-for-women/ to know more about crucial effects of HGH.

What Influences HGH Secretion?

It is noteworthy that a number of factors influences the secretion of somatostatin. Among the most spread are the following ones:

  • sleep;
  • physical exercise;
  • decreased level of blood glucose;
  • increased content of estrogens in the blood;
  • increased thyroid activity and hyperthyroidism;
  • the use of certain amino acids (for example, lysine, ornithine, arginine, glutamine, and others);
  • increased secretion of the hormone of hunger ghrelin.
What Is HGH Responsible for?

Human growth hormone is accumulated in the pituitary gland, and the body releases it in response to sleeping, exercising, and limited eating. It performs the following functions:

  • Burning fat and turning it into energy;
  • Improving resistance to many diseases;
  • Accelerating wound healing;
  • Helping in the restoration of tissues;
  • Strengthening connective tissues;
  • Enhancing protein synthesis for muscle growth;
  • Reducing the level of urea in the blood and urine.

Hormonal Therapy with HGH

The genetically engineered recombinant of human growth hormone is completely identical to HGH produced by the human body. Somatotropin replacement is the most effective therapy for prolonging youth and retardation of aging. By the age of 30, our bodies decrease the production of growth hormone, which is associated with the aging and deterioration of many body processes. The older a person becomes, the less growth hormone is generated in her body. Researchers have proven that hormone growth therapy could reverse the biological effects of aging.

Hormonal therapy has helped and helps thousands of people get rid of chronic ailments, prolong active life, and prevent the development of various systemic diseases. It is not for nothing that many clinics in the US and Europe have brought such therapy to the highest professional level and achieved excellent results. Of course, the intake of somatotropin requires constant medical supervision, regular examinations, and monitoring of blood indicators. In other words, the prescription of growth hormone and the selection of the optimal dosage should be performed by a qualified doctor. Only in this case, it is possible to reach the most effective use of somatotropin therapy to combat many diseases and prolong youth.

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