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How Your Emotions Secretly Age You

Have you noticed that happy people look younger and fresher than people who are angry, sad or stressed? The reality is that we all experience many different emotions and there is no person that can live only in one emotional space. On the other hand, the facial expression you do when you express your mood can be adding years to your face. Many studies have shown that facial expressions and emotions can really age people.


Luckily for you, there are a lot of things you can do to prevent this from happening.

  • Many of the muscles in your face are connected to the skin just to help you make and express your emotions. Sometimes making a certain expression can create an emotion as real as you’ve had that same emotion. Try this: Smile. Don’t you feel a bit happier?
  • It’s a fact that emotions can secretly age you. For example, if you hold in your emotions you most probably will be grinding your teeth. This can make your face more square and bottom heavy which in fact makes you look a bit older.
  • If you frown your face, you might end up with permanent crease between your eyes. Most people choose Botox to get rid of that crease that’s making them look older.
  • Are you a true drama queen? Do you often rub your eyes, squint and cry? Well, you’re more likely to have dark circles under your eyes or smile lines.
  • Being aware of your emotional type can really help you soften your exaggerated expressions that are actually aging you.

Remember to frown less and smile more. Smiling is the perfect and most efficient beauty treatment. So don’t forget to put on a smile!