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How Weight Loss Can Negatively Impact Your Breasts

Weight loss is an exciting prospect, but you may be concerned about changes in your breasts. If you have just started losing weight or have finished your weight loss journey, you probably realize that your body will drastically change as you lose weight. Most people envision a firmer, lighter version of themselves, but weight loss can cause disappointing changes in every area of your body.

The process of weight loss may leave you with stretch marks, pockets of fat, and sagging, lax skin, especially on your breasts. Some negative breast changes that women may experience after moderate to extreme weight loss are smaller, sagging breasts, and nipple changes.

Decreased Breast Size

Breasts are primarily composed of fat, and large breasts tend to have more fat. When you begin to lose weight by burning fat, a portion of fat will come from your breasts. Women with full, voluminous breasts may experience drastic changes in their breast size, but smaller breasts will also decrease in size as the fatty tissue dissolves. Some women also experience asymmetry, meaning that one breast is different from the other.

Many women report a slight change in size, but it is possible to lose several cup sizes during dramatic weight loss. While a reduction in size may be beneficial if you are experiencing pain from overly large breasts, the loss of fat may also create drooping or unsatisfactory changes in your contours and curves. Push-up and padded bras will help to increase the size of your breasts, but if a significant drop in breast fat and volume have you discouraged, there are surgical options.


Excess breast fat causes a woman’s breasts to be larger and heavier. Heavy or dense breasts combined with gravity stretch the tissue and create lax skin. As women lose weight, the excess fat dissolves, but the stretched skin can’t bounce back. Perky, uplifted breasts are essential to many women, and there are breast surgery options that renew and lift sagging breasts. A breast lift combined with breast augmentation will remove excess skin and lift the sagging breast.

Nipple-Areola Changes

After weight loss, sagging breasts may create changes in the position of your nipple. In more severe cases, the nipples can face towards the floor. Beautiful, sexy breasts are uplifted and the nipples face forward. Breast augmentation is customized to match each woman’s needs and may include a breast lift and repositioning the nipples.

What About Breast Augmentation?

Many women who are dissatisfied with the shape and size of their breasts after weight loss, elect to have breast augmentation. William A. Ross, MD, has performed many breast augmentation procedures and was featured in Naples Illustrated magazine as one of the Top Doctors of 2019. Dr. Ross of The Aesthetic Surgery Center of Naples views breast augmentation as a work of art that transforms a woman’s breasts to match her hopes and expectations.

According to the St. Louis-born, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ross, the primary goal of breast augmentation is to enhance the fullness of the breast and improve projection. The breast may also be repositioned on the chest, after extreme weight loss, to restore or create balance to her upper body. Breast augmentation is an experience that encourages women to enjoy looking and feeling thin, shapely, and beautiful.

Choosing The Right Type of Breast Implants

Breast implants add volume and shape to the breast. Silicone and saline-filled implants are available. Patients highly prefer silicone implants. Many women who choose saline implants request an exchange within one to three years. Silicone implants provide a more natural feeling than saline, are less likely to leak, and have a smaller chance of rippling on the side of the breast. Many women choose hypertension silicone gel implants (known as gummy bear implants). Surgeons often recommend gummy bear implants because of the following benefits:

  • Natural feel
  • If there is a rupture, the gel tends to maintain its shape and won’t leak out of the shell.
  • Lower risk of scarring around the implant

The surgeon will help you to test different sizes of implants during the consultation. The implant is placed into your bra to help determine the best type of implant and the desired size. The surgeon will evaluate your height, weight, and shoulder width for a proportional recommendation. The size of the implant is based on the woman’s preference.

The Best Time for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Adult women of any age may benefit from breast augmentation. However, the breasts should be fully developed. Women who desire to have children should know that augmentation surgery generally does not interfere with the ability to breast-feed. However, pregnancy can change the shape and proportion of the breasts. Many doctors recommend that women wait until after they are finished having children and are close to their ideal weight before having breast augmentation surgery.