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How to Wear a Midi Dress at Any Age

There really are no rules anymore when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t wear, regardless of your gender, shape, size or age. Midi dresses are the perfect piece for literally anyone who’s looking to inject a little vintage romance into their evening wear collection or even just their day-to-day outfit rotation. In order to get the most out of your midi dress, you’re going to need to know just how to find the right one, as well as a few helpful pointers for styling it up, your way. Keep reading for everything you need to know about finding and styling a midi dress at any age.

Image source: Alamour The Label

Choose your cut

There is a whole world of midi dresses out here, and they all have their own beautiful cuts and features. The key is understanding what’s going to look and feel best for you and your body. A great way to choose a cut you’ll actually wear and love is by taking a look in your closet and noting down any repeat cuts or aesthetics that are already in there – these don’t need to be midi dresses. Say you see a lot of slip cami tops and minimal styles, then a slip style midi might work best for you. Perhaps there’s lots of puff sleeve and sweetheart neckline detailing? Then a prairie style midi dress is going to fit right in. Looking at what you already have will guide you towards thoughtful, successful shopping that gets the wear it deserves!

Find the right fit for you

Once you’ve chosen your style, it’s time to focus on the fit. Fit really is king, is your dress doesn’t fit you right then it doesn’t fit you right – no two ways about it. Take your measurements and keep them with you while you’re shopping for your dress to land a gown that marries perfectly with your individual dimensions. This makes all the difference, especially when you’re shopping for your newest wardrobe addition online.

Think materials and patterns

Materials and your patterns or colours of choice make a massive difference to the overall tone of your midi dress. Think of a cut, and imagine it in a deep and inky black, and then a light pastel floral patterns – two very different items, right? Have a this about the overall feel you’d like to put forward with your dressing. You should also consider how experimental you’d like to be with your styling. If you plan on getting creative with your accessories and you’d prefer to have a dress that acts as a perfect base to all your fashion moods, go for a crisp white in a simple cut – you’ll get so much wear out of this one.

Image source: Alamour The Label

Try high-low dressing

Now that you’ve got the right dress, you can try your hand at some styling! High-low dressing is a great one to play around with, particularly for those in the middle events where you’re not quite certain of the dress code. This is where you combine high quality dressy items with more casual pieces. Try a formal midi dress, casual boots or white sneakers, subtle jewellery and a statement clutch bag – perfect balance!

Minimal enhancements

Planning on wearing your midi to cocktail hour? One of the best things about your midi dress is that its full of character all on its own, so it can really hold its own when you decide to get minimal with your styling. Try a simple pair of strap stilettos, a small clutch bag and delicate hoop earrings.

There you have it! Shopping and styling tips for making a midi dress work, no matter your age.