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How to Value Yourself While in a Relationship?

Finding the love of your life is certainly the dream and it is often said that finding one true love in a lifetime is beyond every treasure or luxury in life. But at times, we meet a perfect person, go head over heels and forget to value us to accommodate them and that’s where the problem begins. Yes, love is important but also is self-worth, yes; relationships take time, patience and hard work but certainly are not worth jeopardising your relationship with yourself. Often women ask to question their worth in the relationship and end up feeling insecure about them. Instead, this is the time to give yourself time, be in your company and value yourself. These are some tips that will help you value yourself in a relationship and not be in for a ride till its all roses and gifts:

  • Keeping ground intact: What’s your say in the relationship? How often your guy does according to your wishes? If it’s hardly anytime then it’s time to stop giving in to his whims and fantasies and make him realise he dating a woman, not a robot. Confident women not only know what they want, they also know how to get it done in a graceful and dignified manner. Sit him down and express what your expectations are and what can be the consequences of his casual behaviour.
  • Having a life beyond the relationship: Does your guy goes all silent and disappears without any apparent reason? This type of cold behavior often frustrates women and she becomes all the more clingy. Instead, this is the time to live your life beyond the relationship rather than sulk. Gather your girls’ gang and go for a hike or spa or a holiday to relax. If you are tight on budget then use discount codes from Bydiscountcodes.co.uk but take time off from the relationship and do your thing with your friends. Remember only you are the epicentre of your life, not your partner.
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries: Nobody is saying to be secretive or too high maintenance but having healthy boundaries is a requirement. It can be anything from not abusing in front of you to not interfere in each other’s life. The point is it’s ok to have healthy boundaries and personal space that gives both of you sense of freedom and respect is maintained. Most importantly you need not be apologetic about the boundaries and the guy can decide whether he is cut out for a relationship with you or not.
  • Open to communication and tough talks: Healthy communication is the key to a long-lasting relationship. Only sweet and romantic discussions cannot guarantee a long-term relationship and there should be room for tough/serious talks. If the guy is too tight-lipped and simply refuses to communicate then one should rethink the relationship.
  • Leaving the bad relationship: It better to be single and lonely rather than being lonely in a relationship. Know that you are precious and the relationship is not worth your efforts and leave the bad relationship.

A woman who values herself will understand that her needs are important and will not cling to a wrong guy. She will adopt the change, be positive about future and confident about herself and move on with life without feeling the guilt for leaving a bad relationship.