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How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy

It’s in our human nature to be compassionate about other people’s sorrows and problems. Reaching out and helping people is truly amazing, but involving too much in people’s problems and sorrows can cause trouble and you might end up living someone else’s life.

Empathy is good, but too much of it, will fill you with negative energy and that’s not good. You need to learn to protect yourself from all that negative energy or you’ll end up feeling down and depressed.

Learn to Say NO

Drawing a line is the key to protecting yourself. When you give a person a place in your life, you need to make your own rules and draw a line, in order to prevent that person to take you for granted. Learning to say No will help you protect yourself and show you who your true friends are.

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

The world is filled with all sorts of people and trying to make everyone happy is exhausting an impossible. You’ll never succeed to make everyone happy because you simply cannot change the way people think and the things they like.

Enjoy Nature

Stop your everyday routine, take a break and go get some fresh air. There’s nothing better than spending time with mother nature. You’ll instantly feel rejuvenated.

Show People Their Place

It’s not your job to fix other people’s problems. Trying to constantly help people with their issues can be draining so it’s better to focus more on yourself and conserve your energy for better things.

Be Accountable

Only you are responsible for your happiness and only you can decide which thoughts and actions can influence your mood. Earn your freedom and prevent negative forces!

The power is in you! Choose to be happy and reject all the negative energy surrounding you!

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