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How to Stay Comfy While You’re Pregnant

As exciting and beautiful an experience as it is, pregnancy can also become uncomfortable at times. While it’s impossible to avoid the discomfort altogether, there are things you can do to relieve it, like investing in comfortable clothing and maternity underwear or new cooling sheets for your bed. Take a look at these recommendations and see what you can do to stay comfy while pregnant.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Dresses, t-shirts, leggings, and jumpsuits are ideal choices for a comfortable pregnancy. Remember, too, that just because you’re at work or running errands, it doesn’t mean you can’t still be comfortable. If anything, it might be even more important! You want to choose loose-fitting clothes or, if they aren’t, are stretchy with breathable fabric.

As your belly gets bigger and your breasts start to feel heavier, you should start looking for those same qualities in your undergarments. Quality maternity underwear is designed for comfort by avoiding bunching, pinching, chafing, and other irritations. Nobody wants that. The best maternity bras and undies will also provide support.

Things to consider when choosing maternity underwear:

  • Breathable, stretchable fabric
  • Light-colored, cotton liner
  • Seams, if they bother you
  • Over or under the belly design
Take Care of Your Skin

There are many ways you can take care of your skin right now. Your baby bump might be itchy and tight, which is a sure sign you need moisture. Keep slathering lotion, cream, balm, or your favorite moisturizer. Apply it anywhere you see stretch marks, ashy skin, dark areas, or feel itchy.

Acne is also common in pregnancy, on your face, or elsewhere. Because hormones are most likely to blame, you may not be able to resolve the problem completely. Taking care of your skin with a good skincare routine that includes a cleanser and moisturizer can still help. You may want to take time out for a face mask or even a facial at the salon.

Plan Your Meals

Heartburn during pregnancy can worsen over time. The trick is to eat small meals throughout the day and avoid foods that you know trigger it. Tomatoes, citrus, and fried foods like bacon or potato chips are all common culprits, but you should try to keep track of your symptoms to see if anything else might be causing it.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is vital during pregnancy as it helps to ensure effective liver and kidney function. While you may not notice that drinking water is helping you stay comfortable every day, becoming severely dehydrated can be miserable and dangerous. Drinking caffeinated beverages, waiting too long in the heat, and morning sickness or diarrhea can cause dehydration.

Get Plenty of Rest

Being pregnant can be exhausting. Even before the belly bump makes sleep uncomfortable, your body is changing. With hormone changes and more demands on your body, it’s easy to become fatigued. If you feel tired, be sure to rest. Insomnia can worsen as your pregnancy progresses. Maternity underwear or sleepwear can help, as well as cooling sheets, a memory foam mattress pad, or a maternity pillow.

Put Your Feet Up

It’s not uncommon for your feet or ankles to swell during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester. Because of a greater blood volume, water retention, and a growing baby belly affecting circulation, your feet, ankles, and lower legs can become swollen. Depending on the amount of swelling, this can become very uncomfortable. Putting your feet up whenever possible can help. A good foot massage can make a big difference, but you’ll want to talk to your doctor before scheduling your pedicure.

Low Impact, Exercise

Light exercise is recommended for many moms-to-be and may even help prevent many of the aches and pains associated with late pregnancy. Swimming, prenatal yoga, and walking are all great low-impact exercises, and you might even find a fitness group for new moms to help keep you motivated to stay active. If you were already physically active before your pregnancy, there’s a good chance you could continue your fitness routine with some modifications. Anyone considering exercise should discuss it with their doctor for guidance.

Avoid Varicose Veins

All of the recommendations above may help you avoid varicose veins and uncomfortable hemorrhoids. There are additional steps you take, including eating a fiber-rich diet. If that’s difficult due to heartburn or other dietary restrictions, try talking to your doctor about adding a supplement. You should also use the bathroom when you need to and avoid straining or sitting on the toilet for long periods. If you are struggling with constipation, your doctor may be able to help.

There you have it. It’s all about investing in yourself, from choosing high-quality and comfortable maternity underwear to taking time out of your day for low-impact exercise to prioritizing your sleep. What will you do to make yourself more comfortable while you’re pregnant?