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How to start forgiving and forgetting

Let go the anger and bitterness can help you change the attitude and improve your health.

Check out these steps to happiness and start from today!


Wish him Happiness 

Always wish happiness for the person who has harmed you. At the same time you are wishing all well for yourself, too. Releasing your anger will set your mind and soul free.

Gratitude Exercises

Focus on seeking happiness inside out. Make some gratitude exercises. Any time you feel that everything in the world has done to you wrong, start making a list of the topped appreciated aspects of your life. This is a good practice to keep you focused on positive things.

Learn a Lesson

Consider the difficulties as a lesson. The bigger misfortunes bring you closer to enlightenment. All of your life`s bad events are tests of your character. Ask yourself, what these problems test you for, patience, forgiveness, compassion or open-mindedness. Your future task is to develop them step by step. Distancing yourself from similar harmful situations will help you to learn and not to be a victim.

Maintain Perspective

Remind yourself that this specific event is only a part of your life, not your “whole” life. Don’t let the problematic event overwhelm you. And stick to the phrase- “The best is yet to come!”

Let go the Anger

Always remember that when you resent someone, you are hurting yourself, and you are also giving the person control and power over you.

Stay Positive

Try to recognize when you respond with anger to anger, bitterness to bitterness and hate to hate. You are not coming better, actually you are becoming part of the problem. Make all the effort to remain the old loving, happy, warm person.

Get Revenge, but positively

The best revenge is actually living a successful and happy life. Your positive energy will attract more positive people. Always stick to the phrase-“You cannot solve a problem by staying in the same energy in which it was created“.

Love, peace, forgiveness and letting go are the key to success and happiness.