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How to Shop for Collagen Supplements that Works for Your Skin

Your skin defines how you look and feel. And if there is a part of it that’s majorly responsible for this, then it’s the collagen. In fact, it’s the most important segment of your skin, whose main responsibility is to sustain its flexibility. Since it’s the lower layer of the skin, it’s also responsible for elasticity.

So when in great condition, you don’t strain much under various circumstances as it can easily return to its normal shape. But if the amount of collagen in your body decreases, then the health of your skin is also at risk. It’s at such times that you begin noticing stretchmarks, scars, and lines due to the tearing skin.


The good news, however, is that you can curb all these using supplements. But before you consider them, you have to know which ones work for your skin.

Here is a simple guide to collagen supplements and how to buy them.

Know The Types You Need

Yes, collagen might be a common word, but it’s a standard one used to define its three types. You can get all of them both through dietary supplements and natural remedies. So before you withdraw that cash and place that order, it’s advisable to know which one your skin lacks. And there is only one way to be sure about this; by undertaking some tests or booking an appointment with your dermatologist.

While this might seem like a minor part, you shouldn’t overlook it if at all you want to purchase the perfect supplements. If you do it blindly, you might end up improving the collagen of one area of your body that doesn’t even need it and neglecting the one that requires it. And that loosely translates to prolonged skin problems, which you wouldn’t want to experience.

For instance, there is one in your skin that occupies the 90% of your bones, skin, hair, organs, and nails, the other 10% takes the supportive role of boosting strength within the bones and ligaments. This article on 7 tips for buying collagen that works for your skin, explains that individuals should always aspire to purchase supplements with at least 90% of type one collagen and at least some type three for optimal results.

So when you’re focusing on your beauty and fighting anti-aging symptoms, you will have to choose your area of concentration between the two.

Know How To Choose Collagen

The Ingredients; If quality is your number one priority, (which it should be), then you should focus on sourcing for products with organic, grass-fed or sustainable seafood as their main ingredient.

Color and Taste; In its pure state, collagen should be colorless and tasteless when mixed with water. Well, not unless the manufacturers indicate that they have added a given sort of flavor. Anything aside from this, screams low quality. Avoid it for the sake of your precious and delicate skin.

Ingestion Form: Consequently, the supplements usually come in several types. From chewable tablets, capsules, powders, drink mixes to concentrated drinks, choose the one that gives you ease of consumption. Also, consider those with extra benefits such as vitamin C, A, and E, to help the body produce its own.

Go For A Science-Backed one: when sourcing for products, ensure they have science-backed studies attached to them. That way, you can be sure that it was tested and the functionality of the amino acid has been approved. This will boost its credibility.

Damaging Ingredients You Should Avoid

Like any other type of product, the market is filled with both genuine and fake collagen supplements. So for beginners, it might be difficult to distinguish one from the other. Apart from the color and smell as already mentioned above, you should also look out for artificial ingredients, oils, and sugars. You see, some of them don’t have your best interest at heart. They only want to prevent the growth of bacteria and thus prolonging the shelf-life.

If the elements, for example, are unnatural in any way, they can easily tamper with your sugar levels and lead to spikes, cause hormonal imbalance and affect your body’s various organs. This also means that the rate of absorption becomes low, thus not meeting up with your production needs. So you might start witnessing an increase in some aging signs.

From the above details, it’s evident that collagen plays an important role in defining the health of your skin. And since taking care of it is like taking care of your entire body, it’s vital to ensure collagen’s levels remain stable. You can achieve this through the consumption of various supplements. You just have to know how to shop for the corrections and we hope you find this article useful in that section.