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How to Remove Dark Spots on Your Skin

Dark spots (or hyperpigmentation) occur on the skin when some areas of the skin overproduce melanin. Dark patches are the most common skin issues among people. And this article today we will look at medical treatments and home remedies to eliminate dark spots on your skin.

Dark spots on the skin are the result of sun exposure, age, or more commonly the previous skin inflammation. Dark patches are actually not a cause for concern and treatment. But people may want to remove them for aesthetic reasons.

Below is some treatments to get rid of dark spots on the skin.

Medical treatments

When you come to see a dermatologist, he might offer you cream or procedures treatments. The main purpose is to lighten the darker skin area or sometimes completely remove them.

Procedures treatments

Indeed, procedures treatments is far more expensive than cream and more likely to cause side effects. However, they can bring faster and more significant results. Some of the most commonly-used treatments are laser, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, cryotherapy.

Note that only have these treatments done at the trusted medical center and by the qualified doctors. And taking good care of your skin after the treatment is essential to reduce the side effects.

Prescription creams

Depends on the size and the cause of dark spots, you can use the prescription skin-lightening cream. This cream can lighten the darker skin area and solve the issues of uneven skin tone.

However, it might take several months or even years for the dark patches to fade away.

Home remedies

Instead of going to the clinic, many people find home remedies effective to get rid of dark spots on their skin.

Natural remedies

Some people believe that natural remedies can effectively eliminate dark spots on the skin. The most popular remedies include: potato juice, aloe vera, lemon juice, coconut oil,…

However, there is no evidence that these natural treatments can remove dark patches on the skin. Some of them can even lead to skin issues if overusing. But if people use them sparingly, they might be the good addition to other treatments.

Over-the-counter Creams

Not as strong as prescription creams, over-the-counter creams might work with certain kinds of dark spots.

Creams and serums contain effective lightening ingredients can solve the uneven skin tone issues. They might speed up the exfolidation of the skin as well as promote the growth of new skin. Vitamin C in cream can protect against the damage of sunlight and also reduce the formation of melanin.

However, be careful to choose lightening creams. Only choose the one recommended by the dermatologists as the other might do harm to your skin.

Final Word

Generally, there are various ways to eliminate dark spots on your skin. The effective of treatments depends on the size, and the cause of your dark spots. Hopefully, this article can help you explore different ways to remove dark patches.