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How To Properly Use Serum For Glowing Skin (A Step By Step Guide)

Adding serum to your skincare routine is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your skin and protect it. However, if you don’t use serum properly, you won’t experience all the benefits.

Using a serum is very easy to do as long as you know to correct way to apply it. Today, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know to get the full benefits from the serum you use. We’re also going to introduce you to our favorite serum that is great for all skin types.

Are you ready to improve your skincare routine and make your skin glow? Let’s take a look at what you need to do.

Step 1: Choose The Right Serum

Before you add a serum (or several) to your skincare routine, you need to choose the right one(s). One thing that people don’t realize at first is how many different serums there are. In order to choose the right one, you need to make a list of the issues you’re trying to combat with your skincare routine.

This could be clogged pores, fine lines, dullness, hydration, etc. If you have several skincare issues you want to work on, serums are safe to mix so you can add as many as needed to your routine.

There’s one type of serum that everyone should add to their skincare routine. That’s vitamin C serum because it’s good for all skin types. Our favorite is Beautystat Universal C Skin Refiner. This serum is one of the best for reducing fine lines, shrinking pores, and brightening dull spots.

Step 2: Prep Your Face

Before applying serum to your face, you need to make sure your face is ready. Always apply serum to clean skin. You will need to start by removing your make and then wash your face with a cleanser. Then you will need to use a toner and exfoliate your skin. This will ensure you don’t have any oil or dirt preventing the serum from fully absorbing into your skin.

Step 3: Apply Serum

If you are using multiple serums, we recommend doing your research on how to mix them properly into your skincare routine. This is because they should be applied in a specific order for the best result.

When applying serum, you should look at your face in four parts:

  1. Left cheek
  2. Right cheek
  3. Forehead
  4. Nose ; chin area

For using a thick serum, apply one small drop to each part of your face. Then using your fingers, rub the serum into your skin in an upward motion. Thin serums run a lot fast, so we recommend putting a drop on your finger and then rubbing it into your skin. This will prevent you from having an oily residue on your skin.

Step 4: Let Your Skin Soak It In

To get the best results from your serum, make sure you allow your skin to soak it in. When using more than one serums, allow the first one at least 60 seconds to absorb before applying the next one. Once you have finished always apply a good quality face moisturizer because it will seal in the serum and keep your skin soft.

Our Secret To The Best Results

If you read the Beautystat Universal C Skin Refiner reviews, you likely want to know how you can get similar results with this product. While this serum is excellent on its own, we have one little secret we want to share with you.

After applying this serum along with your other serums and moisturizer, put on a silicone face mask for 10 to 15 minutes. This will help your skin absorb the serum for maximum results. Make sure you wash the mask after every use.