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How to Properly Clean Your Favorite Swimsuit

You’ve managed to find the perfect swimsuit for the summer. The real question now is what to do to prevent the color to wash out, to prevent fabric stretching and to make your swimsuit last more than one season?


John Medisian, owner of a dry-cleaning shop in New York, says that women don’t know how to properly clean their swimsuit.

Here’s how to make your swimsuit last longer:

1. Before Putting It On

Clean the dirt and the tanning oil leftovers because they can ruin your swimsuit.

2. Wash Them By Hand

Dip your swimsuit in warm water to get rid of the chlorine and salt. Grab a soup bar and gently rub the fabric with the soap. Rinse the soap and leave the swimsuit to dry.

3. If You Can’t Wash it By Hand

Buy special washing bags and put your swimsuit in them before you turn on the washing machine. This way you’ll prevent your swimsuit from stretching.

4. Don’t Let Them Dry on The Sun

Put your wet swimsuit on a towel and place the towel on a spot that’s not directly exposed to the sun. If you leave your swimsuit to dry in the sun, the colors will soon start to wash out.

5. Eliminate Stains

If you have a stain, do not try to scratch it off with your nails. This way you’ll ruin your swimsuit. Use some soap and water and gently clean the stain. If you can’t get the stain out, take your swimsuit to dry-cleaning.