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How to Pick the Jewelry That Will Perfectly Match Your Style and Desires

Is there anything better than combining your favorite outfit with the perfect piece of jewelry? One thing is better: finding the ideal jewelry made from recycled metal. Don’t let the word recycled make you a skeptic because not only is the jewelry gorgeous to look at, but it’s also created in a way that protects our environment and promotes sustainable fashion.

Reclaimed with love have tiredly worked for more than 14 years to create the ideal line of jewelry manufactured from recycled metals rather than newly mined silver and gold. Their zero-waste mission and environmentally responsible practices fiercely combat the harmful impact of the jewelry and fashion industry on the environment and promote sustainable fashion.

The company uses ethically-sourced stones and metals that cut back on the environmental cost of mining and manufacturing new materials without affecting the quality of the jewelry they produce. They’re so dedicated to their sustainability mission that they even use reusable packaging materials.

This is the brand you need if you’re looking for sustainable jewelry that looks gorgeous but doesn’t cost a small fortune. You’ll look good when you wear their pieces and feel good about yourself because you’ll be environmentally responsible.

Reclaimed with love is not only an eco-friendly company, but it’s a company that offers the most breathtaking pieces of jewelry. One of their best product is the jewelry subscription box, which has seized the attention of countless women globally. Building your jewelry collection is only one click away, meaning having the best jewelry collection has never been easier.

You can choose from the dozens of different boxes available. You can choose the type and quality of the jewelry. While some companies allow their buyers to choose whether to rent or purchase the subscription boxes, Reclaimed with Love lets you keep every piece you receive. By joining the membership program, you can get between one and three pieces of demi-fine jewelry each month! Isn’t that incredible? This is the best offer ever! The pieces you’ll receive in your jewelry box will be pieces that are upcycled or rescued. Don’t be a skeptic and think that you’; get damaged or flawed jewelry because that’s not the case. The jewelry you’ll get is in top shape, but it just didn’t sell out fast enough.

To receive the perfect jewelry box, all you have to do is subscribe and pay a minimum price. The company does not want to earn money from their boxes, so you’ll be paying only to cover the packaging and shipping. By paying only $14, you can receive high-quality, unique jewelry while contributing to the fight against fast fashion and promoting sustainability. When you sign up for a box, you’ll receive a monthly jewelry boxcontaining different jewelry types, depending on their products and your preferences.

Don’t think this is like any other subscription box out there! Reclaimed with love are aware that every person’s style is unique, and they work hard to get their customers better before sending their box. By making your subscription, you can choose your preferred metal tone, choose between a ring, necklace, earrings, or bracelets,  and even choose your style. You can choose between boho chic, modern glam, polished & refined, or edgy & unexpected. You can also choose between jewelry that makes a bold statement or something more subtle.

As you can see, with so many options, you’ll receive the ideal piece of jewelry that will perfectly match your style and desires. Not to mention that the jewelry you’ll receive will make any outfit stand out from the crowd! You’ll also be feeling great about yourself because you’ll be supporting a business that promotes sustainability rather than making a profit.