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How to pick a perfect name for your baby?


The most important job for the future parents is to find the perfect name for their unborn child. Where to find the inspiration?

Recently, we have witnessed that more and more young people when become adults want to change their name given by the parents, because they are not satisfied with it. If you do not want this to happen to your own child, then think twice before you give him the“right“name…


How to find a list of potential names?

There are many books or online websites with a variety of names. Most of them show not only the list of names, but also their meaning, origin and nicknames. So you can purchase this kind of book and start looking for the most beautiful name.

How to start?

First, you find out the gender of the baby, start making a list of your favorite names. Draw two columns: in the first one write down your favorite names for the baby, in the other the favorites of your partner. Make sure the first name and the surname fits together and sounds melodically (for example, short name always fit right with long surname or vice versa).

And the most important thing is not letting anyone close to your family or relatives involve or impose in choosing the name of your baby instead of you. It is your child, and only you and your partner will decide how to name it.

Think of the baby name in the future

While choosing a name for your baby, be careful to be the appropriate one, when the child becomes an adult. Some names may be cute for babies, but they can become very embarrassing for teenagers or adults. The child will have to live with this name all life, so it is good to think about his future.


Name given after a family member

You want to name the baby after a close family member? If you and your partner like it, then it should not be a problem. But if you disagree with that idea, and you will do that only to satisfy the desire of the relatives, then immediately specify a name for the baby which is not after any family member.


It is OK to give your baby a nickname, but keep in mind that it may remain a lifetime.