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How to Optimise Your Small Apartment Space

There are many advantages that come along with living in a small apartment. You will tend to find that a smaller space is cheaper to rent or buy, they are in good central locations near to all of the action and they also simply have their own cosy charm to them that you just don’t get in a larger space. However, when you first move into a new apartment, we understand that it can be quite difficult to figure out how exactly you are going to decorate it to maximise its space. Just because you are living in a smaller space, doesn’t mean you need to strip it entirely! You can still have a stylish place when you optimise your space well. Here, we are taking you through our top tips on how you can optimise your small apartment space and balance both practical living with design.

How Can You Optimise Unused Spaces?

IF you have been in your apartment for a while, you have probably got into your own routine about where your set storage is, where you keep extra boxes and so on so forth. It is easy to be lulled into this routine and then consequently miss out on all of the amazing opportunities to utilise unused space that could potentially be used for storage. Have a good look around your apartment and identify any spaces that are not currently being used and then you can start thinking about the different ways that you can use this space. This can be a fun DIY project as you can build corner shelve or place a few baskets around the house to store extra items. There is always some unused space that could be put to better use!

Go with the Floating Trend

The floating interior design trend is perfect for those who are living in a smaller space as it can really maximise the space in your room. With this trend you will be looking to avoid using bulky furniture as this can close ff a room easily. Floating elements can open up the space and also adds functionality to your room. Floating items can include things like floating shelves instead of a bookcase and floating sinks. When looking for furniture to go with this trend, it is good to go with furniture that has legs and does not completely touch the floor, glass pieces that are see through and furniture with open metal bases. Each of these has an airy feel to them and can help to make your apartment feel less crowded.

Match Your Curtains to the Wall Colour

Another easy way that you can optimise the space in your small apartment is by choosing the perfect curtains for your room. We would recommend choosing curtains from https://curtains.com/ that are the same colour as your walls as this will create the sense of a larger space as the curtains blend with your walls and this can help to create an unbroken line.

Make Use of Your Furniture

A great way to optimise the space in your apartment is to make use of the furniture that you buy and have it pull double duty. For example, why not use an older stool as both an end table and as extra seating? Or an ottoman featuring a tray on top of it can easily be made into another seat. There are lots of cool and unique ways that you can utilise the furniture in your home to avoid taking up unnecessary space.

Use Sneaky Storage

A small apartment can quite easily become cluttered and so it is important that you look for sneaky ways to store your stuff. This can include purchasing furniture with extra storage, placing baskets under coffee table or benches and using over the door hangers to give you more space to hang up jackets and coats.

What to Avoid in a Small Apartment

Now that we have covered the things that you should do in your small apartment, it is also important that we discuss the things that you really shouldn’t be doing!

Firstly, it is important that you stick to just a few patterns in your room. Going for too many patterns can start to drown the room and make it seem a lot smaller than it really is. It Is also worth remembering not to use too many dark colours! It is also important not to over clutter the furniture that you do have. Make sure you are not filling up your tables with a tonne of photos and lamps as this can quickly become too much in a small space. Finally, make sure you buy a sofa that fits your room as an oversized sofa can quickly make a room feel very small.

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