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How To Make Your Boyfriend Want You Even More: 5 Simple Ways To Lock His Heart

Relationships can be so hard to sustain. At the beginning, the initial flame and the infatuation are enough to keep things going, but after the honeymoon phase is over, what are you left with?

You can’t just let things take their course and go with the flow because if you want to keep your relationship going in the right direction, you have to try hard and invest in it constantly. If you give up, the flame will burn out and your relationship will fall apart.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, read these ways to make him want you more than ever, lock his heart and make him yours:

  1.    Don’t be available all the time

You have to let him know that you have a life of your own. Don’t be clingy and needy because those behaviors grow old and it’s possible that the other person in your relationship will get tired of it and leave.

Do things by yourself and be independent. Maybe if you grow apart a little, he’ll see what his life would be like if you weren’t in it. This will definitely make him rethink the situation he is in and provoke the reaction you’ve been waiting for—wanting you even more than before.

  1.    Make him excited

No, I’m not talking about sex. There are other ways to excite a man and make him want you. Try to take him somewhere he would like. Keep in mind that most guys are adrenaline junkies, so if you’re not too scared to try extreme sports, you should consider taking him bungee jumping or skydiving.

It doesn’t even have to be something this extreme. As long as it gets his heart pumping, this will show him a different side of you, the more exciting one. He’ll see that you’re the same amount crazy as him which will make him realize he is head over heels in love with you.

  1.    Send him love letters

Who said that romance is dead? First of all, not all guys get turned on by sports and crazy adventures. There are still some romantic souls out there. And if your guy is one of them, then you should write a heartbreaking love letter that will make your boyfriend cry and be overwhelmed with emotions.

Lay your heart on the paper and write how much you love him. Express your feelings through the written word, especially if you’re not too good with face to face communication. It will open his eyes and remind him why he loves you that much in the first place.

  1.    Stand up to hi

Show some attitude. Show him that you know how to take a stand for yourself and that he can’t push you around. Make him aware that since you are in a relationship, you expect to make joint decisions and he should never, not even think about making a decision without consulting you first.

Men love women who know how to fight for themselves, who are strong and independent because at the end of the day, they don’t want to end up taking care of you. Heck, some of them don’t even know how to take care of themselves properly.

  1.    Stop checking up on him

This kind of behavior can be suffocating. If you keep on doing this, you’ll leave him under the impression that he has no space for himself and his needs. You know, men work that way. When they are depressed or worried about something, they will cut themselves off completely from the world and retreat to their man cave to work things out on their own.  Or they will go out with their friends and ‘go crazy’ a bit but nothing that you have to be worried about.

Stop calling him and bothering him with all kind of questions. Let him solve his problems and don’t be another issue on his plate. Give him some space and he will appreciate that. It will make him aware what a Jackpot girlfriend he has and how much he loves her.

These are not hard terms to fulfill. They won’t take up a lot of your time and they will definitely work for your benefit. After all, if you love someone nothing seems so hard to do. And on the other hand, by doing these things, you’re going to make yourself become a better person and get his attention at the same time. So, it’s a win-win situation.