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How To Make Him Want You

You love your man and he loves you! That’s great! But there comes a time in your life when you start to wonder if he still wants you like he has done since the beginning of your relationship.

Perhaps someone says that, as a woman, you tend to overcomplicate things at times. Perhaps you really often over evaluate what needs to be done in order to make your man happier and drive him mad over you.

But… Would it be so bad if you’re aiming to know some effective ways to make him want you? Of course, it wouldn’t!

Well, it`s simply wonderful that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level and show that you undoubtedly like and need to feel adoration, respect, and the periodical sparkly treat from your man, but you want more… You want to feel he’s still got the hots for you.

And good news for you: despite the widespread belief that men tend to lose interest in their partners over time, many experts prove that men are actually programmed to long-term desire under the condition that women have to make some special efforts to trigger men’s craving.

Do you want to realize what you have to do to motivate your man to get you into bed? How can you fan the flame of passion and keep it constantly alive? Or how to make him want you more?

Here are 8 useful and, in turn, quite simple ways to keep your man interested in you and make him really crazy. Plus, you`ll find 5 more ways you should avoid doing if you want to be desired by your partner.  Now the main thing for you is to understand these ways of turning on your loved one and use them. Just try and you`ll see the difference in no time.

8 Ways to Make Your Man Want You

1. Look Sexy and Beautiful in His Arms

Of course, you love your guy and feel passionate about your relationship, but, unfortunately, you can often underestimate how your physical appearance affects your relationship.

Well, appearance is the first thing that can help you keep the fire of love and romance alive. Remember, to look sexy and wanted means to think and act also sexy.  A pretty mini-dress, high heels, expressive make-up, pleasant scent… All these simple things help you create the appropriate look.

Be really sexy when you’re alone with your man to make him look at you longing, hungry eyes. But, at the same time, don`t forget that men tend to be a bit of boastful. Thus, the way you look has a great impact on his ego, and most importantly, his desire to be with you.

Look an eye-candy and have eyes turned towards you when you are in his arms wherever you are, alone at home or at the party with your friends. He`ll want you and desire to be with you more if his friends tell him you`re hot stuff.

2. Talk with Your Eyes

Your eyes reveal your soul and reflect your thoughts as well as desires. Sometimes your eyes can be a little more talkative than your mouth and you should use it to your advantage.

Eye contact can be a very powerful stimulator of love and affection. Moreover, it can influence and stimulate your sex life.

So if you want to have privacy and made love with your man, but don’t know how to tell him you want sex, you can do this with the help of eye contact because your eyes can’t hide the way you feel. Just tease him with your eyes hinting that he can have much more from you…

3. Use Sensory Memory

Think about your first dates. Think about your first kiss and night of love.

Remember what reminds you both of that sweet time (some piece of music, particular fragrance or maybe it was in some special place).

It won’t be so difficult to figure out what he associates with falling in love with you, but you can use these things as sensual flashback triggers that will stimulate positive physical reactions and create instant longing.

4. Give Him Compliments in The Right Way

Give your man a little dose of flattering. Send a freaky message to him.

Men like to know that they`re liked. Men love ego stroking so much. And most of all, men like the feeling of being wanted.

Well, when a man hears compliments from his girlfriend, he realizes that she’s attracted to him, which, in turn, reinforces his feelings for her. The key thing here is to do this right and not to overdo with your compliments!

Tell him how handsome he looks in a certain T-shirt or that this haircut highlights his strong chin. Praise his smile or eyes. Let him know that he’s an amazing kisser! Such compliments make him feel better about himself and ignite his passion.

5. Communicate with Body Language

We all know that actions speak louder than words, as is the case with eye contact.

So if you make the right moves, you can get your guy hot. Use your body language to flirt with your loved one and show him a little bit of interest.

Flip your hair slowly and sexually, give him a coy smile or a genuine smile, give him little touches and so on.

6. Create A Particular Atmosphere

If you want to be intimate with your man, set the atmosphere so that it reflects romance.

First of all, make your loved one feel a certain mood, that’s why prepare your surroundings.

Remember, that your bed has to feel tempting and inviting to drive your man crazy.

Besides, you can light a couple of scented candles and put on some soft music or a very romantic movie.

7. Make Him Jealous

Jealousy is the most effective man’s expression of love. Of course, it may sound a little weird, but this is what helps you renew your man`s passion for you.

Just flirt a little with one of his friends or trail a waiter with your gaze when you know he’s looking at you… Ignore him a little at this moment and make him be really afraid of losing you.

Be sure when your partner sees how someone else romances you and you`re desired by other men, he won’t want to leave you alone, even for one minute, and certainly become more attentive and sensitive to you.

8. Act Confident and Respect Yourself

Who doesn’t love a confident person?

We all find confidence, not imprudence, as an attractive quality of a person. And men also don’t want to be in the relationship with a timid girl who is constantly doubting herself. Confidence is so sexy! Indeed, confidence is a key to the respectful relationship.

Thus, your loved one is not better than you. Have an ego and be confident in yourself! If you respect yourself, your man will also respect and admire you.

5 Ways You Should Avoid to Be Wanted by Your Man

1. Don’t be Available for Him

You have to let him know that you also have a life, therefore, don`t be too easy to get on the phone, don’t change your plans just to be with him and don`t go to him whenever he calls you. He should realize that he needs to take you more seriously if he wants you near him.

2. Don’t Call Him First

This is a golden rule that every girl has to know since childhood! Please, never call your guy first! Let him call you instead of calling him. This trick works really well and makes your man want you more because he knows that you respect yourself enough to follow this rule!

3. Don’t Be Obsessive

Try to demonstrate your man that you`re an independent girl and can solve your problems on your own. Make him understand that spending even a minute alone with you is a privilege that you give him!

4. Don’t Try to Please Him All the Time

Pleasing each other is a process of mutual interaction. If you notice that you try to please him all the time and constantly go on about what he says while he`s being completely selfish, it means your relationship is imbalanced and has no future.

5. Don’t Act Like a Simpleton in Trouble

Men like to provide assistance to the fairer sex, but only if you need this assistance or just play the part in the right way. When you really need his help, you make him feel like a man. That’s fine. But don`t ask for help for no reason as you`ll look like a fool.

Wrapping It Up

If you want to have a strong, happy relationship and a man who appreciates and goes mad for you, don’t sacrifice your wants and desires in your relationship just to make your loved one pleased.

Sacrificing yourself for someone special is a cool sign and grand gesture, but only under one condition if it is mutual!

You have to realize that sacrificing and suffering in the relationship are two completely different concepts. Never forget that!

Here you’ve found 8 ways that can help to make your man hot and, moreover, 5 ways that have a negative impact on your love life. Try to do everything right!

Over To You 

Are you practicing at least one of these ways to make your man want you? What ways do you find the best and most effective?