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How to Make a Living From Crafting in 2023

What is your favorite hobby? Can you earn money from it? You might be surprised at how many money-making hobby options are available. Multiple hobbies can become a second income or even a full-time job to make a living.

Many small businesses take time to become profitable, and while building your business, you need to support your lifestyle and your new business venture. Start making money from your hobby as a side hustle, attract clients and work toward turning a profit.

Once you establish your brand, expand your small business. When you start making money from your hobby, consider expanding your side gig into a full-time business.


5 Ways To Make A Living From Crafting

Multiple crafts can become a full-time business. No matter what you like making with your hands, from crocheted scarves to card making or candle making, there is a market for your products. And remember, there are a lot of sources if you have yet to learn a new idea.

1. CircuitĀ Machine

There are many ways you can use a Circuit machine to make a profitable crafting business. A Circuit machine is an adaptive tool that’s exceptionally versatile for a number of different crafts by cutting various materials, such as fabrics, vinyl, stickers, labels, leather.

There are several things you can make and sell, including tea towels, shirts, stuffed animals, canvas art, paper flowers, and so much more.

You can create all sorts of handmade, saleable items with a Circuit machine, and you can find a variety of low-cost designs on offer at Design Bundles to help you get started.

Once you’ve mastered how to use your Circuit machine, you can also earn money by teaching others how to use theirs! In addition to making and selling products, you may consider teaching classes and leading workshops in person or online.

2. Jewellery Making

If your passion is jewellery making, this is one of the most popular crafts to buy and sell. The jewellery range is in high demand and continues to grow as a market. You can make various styles, materials and types of jewellery with a high-profit margin.

Make sure you define your product – do you want to create fine, ornate or fashionable jewellery? Research what the current trends are and what is most likely to sell. Find a good supplier for quality materials that you can rely on in order to fulfil your orders in time.

3. Crocheted Items

Crocheting is excellent for making soft toys, but it can also be used to create a wide variety of saleable items. Crocheted items include clothing and shoes, t-shirts, bags, belts, toys, and even decorative crochet art.

This can be an inexpensive way to add new crafts and home decor items to your short-term storage because crocheted items require very little inventory space compared to other things that can be made in the same period (such as knitting). Whether you want to use your love for crafting or decorate a room for a special occasion, there are plenty of options available when looking at crocheted items.

4. Cards

Making handmade cards isn’t just a means to an end, it’s a hobby, art, and skill worth sharing with others. Sharing your handmade cards can help you rise above the competition and become more prosperous when selling online. It is a great way to make extra money while maintaining the flexibility and freedom of your current job.

From Christmas cards to holidays, birthdays and other occasions, there is seasonal business all year round to make an income from card making.

5. Candle Making

The candle business nowadays is a lucrative industry to be a part of. Candles give a welcome ambience to your house and create a cosy atmosphere. There are numerous types of candles in demand, such as bathroom, scented, pillar, and many more. The best part about this industry is that so many types of scents can be created from different ingredients you can use to develop various gift items.

If you want to become a skilled craftsperson, you can get ideas for products to make from online marketplaces such as Etsy and Artfire. Once you start creating crafts to sell, you can establish your online store, Amazon handmade, or sell your wares at local events to make a living out of crafting in 2023.

Remember, success as a crafting entrepreneur takes time, hard work and dedication. Once you know your passion and practise your hobby enough to make quality crafts, following these steps can turn your love for crafting into a thriving business.