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How to Maintain Your Hot Tub

When you get your hot tub for the first time, you only dream about filling it with water and relaxing. After you turn it into your own personal oasis, you need to maintain your hot tub to keep it in mint condition. If you want to keep its performance at peak levels, you should maintain your hot tub.

Hot tub maintenance is not difficult and it will not take up too much of your time. Here are some tips that will come in handy:

Understand the Basics of Water

Although water care is intimidating for beginners, you do not need a degree in chemical engineering to keep your hot tub fresh and clean. When you understand the basics of caring for water, you will be able to keep impurities and bacteria that could cloud your water at bay. Make sure that you find out as much as you can about taking care of water.

Prepare the Water

The water that comes from your hose travels through your household water system and copper pipes. Due to this, you have to adjust your water and make it spa ready. Adjusting the PH of your water is not difficult; you just need some testing strips to measure the calcium hardness and PH levels.

Use a testing kit to measure the levels of calcium in your hot tub water then add the right chemicals to balance them. Since water systems are not the same everywhere, you should get in touch with your Authorized Dealer to find out what is in the water and how to adjust it properly.

Get Rid of the Bad Stuff

After adjusting the mineral content and PH levels, you need to know how to sanitize your tub. This part is easy once you find out the right products to use. Most professionals recommend the use of bromine or chlorine to kill bacteria and other bad things in the water. Before you choose a product for sanitizing your spa, you should look at the hot tub manual.

Remove Impurities

After killing all the bad things, you should remove the impurities from the water instead of letting them sit there. When you fail to remove organic contaminants from your water, they might end up clouding the hot tub and causing a bad odor.

You can remove the impurities using a bromine or chlorine-based shock that oxidizes organic compounds such as dead bacteria. As a precaution, you will also have to change the hot tub water every four to six months.

Cover It

When you are not using the hot tub, you need to cover it. Doing so will keep away solid contaminants such as bugs and leaves. Clean the outside of your hot tub and its cover regularly then condition it using an approved conditioning product.

Winterize the Tub

You can use your spa all through the year. To ensure the utmost energy efficiency in the winter, you should install a winter blanket to prevent freezing of some spa components. You also need to check the cover for wear and tear to keep it performing at peak levels.

If you see any signs of cracking, fading, and sagging, you should buy a replacement cover. The seal needs to remain intact to keep the heat from escaping. If you cannot do all this on your own, you should contact a spa maintenance company or visit sites such as ionrx.com.


Keeping your spa in pristine condition is quite easy. You just have to understand the basics of water care, invest in a testing kit, and buy a cover. Proper hot tub maintenance will save you money.

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