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How to Look Chic Everyday No Matter Your Style

Dressing chic is easier than it seems. Your personal style can help you properly express yourself and be true to who you are. Looking chic is half about how you look and half about how you feel. Any outfit can look chic if you feel confident and attractive in what you are wearing.

No matter what your individual style is how you put pieces together, what accessories you choose, and how your items are tailored can make all the difference. Take a look at your favorite clothes. Why do you like them? What is it about the individual items? Is it the fit, color, style, or how they feel?

Once you determine what draws you to an item you can decide what certain items in your closet are missing. Then you can decide to tailor pieces, donate them, or rework them to fit your style. The most important factor when you are trying to look chic and well put together is that your clothes fit well. You want to make sure you feel comfortable because if you don’t it will show.

Another way to always look chic even if you’re in comfy jeans and a tee is with jewelry. A well placed piece of jewelry can elevate any outfit from basic to beautiful. A simple but sleek chain necklace can make your black tee feel suddenly ultra cool. Feeling like you need a bit more bling to finish off a simple style? Stack on some chunky gold rings with a few dome rings for a cool girl feel.

One of our favorite ways to make an outfit pop is to pick the right shoes. A colorful pair of kitten heels or a funky pair of brightly colored slides can make any outfit shine. The shoes you choose for your outfit can change the whole feel. You can take a simple summer dress from girly to sultry with a strappy pair of heels.You can take a simple t-shirt dress and make it feel edgy with a pair of well fitting studded boots.

We have a few other must do tips to look as chic as possible. Well tailored clothing always looks more chic. Hem plants that are too long, tailor trousers that need a slimmer fit, and pull in or let out a waist that doesn’t fit right. No need to keep trying on that same jacket if it doesn’t work simply donate or sell it.

Picking the right fabrics and materials can also help elevate your wardrobe. Incorporating natural materials like silk, wool, cashmere, and cotton feel more elevated as well. You can see how easily a silk button up top would dress up a pair of jeans and make them feel ready for a night out.

The most important aspect of your wardrobe is of course – you! Feeling comfortable and confident means your clothes fit well and your style represents your aesthetic. Whether you go for classic, modern, edgy, or boho style choices your outfits can be improved by these tips and tricks. Most importantly, lead with confidence and everyone will notice.