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How to Know If a Live Band Is the Right Pick for Your Wedding

Music is central to most celebrations, and for a wedding, it’s imperative to mark the occasion with an upbeat soundtrack that marks the many happy moments in the relationship. A live jazz band can bring an air of class and ambiance to your wedding, offering a beautiful commemoration of joining two people in marriage.

We’ll offer a comprehensive breakdown of the pros and cons of hiring a live jazz band for your wedding so that you and your partner can have a one-of-a-kind experience.

What Does a Live Band Offer?

Live bands offer a distinctive experience compared to pre-recorded music and even DJ soundtracks. A live band usually features six members: a keyboardist, pianist, bassist, guitarist, drummer, and vocalist; although some live bands may have more vocalists, saxophones, trumpets, etc., depending on the type of band you hire, their unique style, and the quality of entertainment you’re seeking. It’s always wise to check the entertainment provider’s website to see how many members they have.

Why Choose a Live Band?

A live band is unique and makes the musical aspect of a wedding instantly memorable. If you’re on the fence about hiring a live band, here are some benefits to consider:


The first and most appreciable feature of live bands is their ambiance. No matter the quality of a DJ’s sound equipment, prerecorded music will always sound static in comparison. A live band fills the room with organic sound, letting the moment’s gravitas sink in with all its emotional accompaniments.


Flexibility is key during a wedding. You demand such flexibility from your coordinator, photographer, and planner, so why not of your musicians?

Live band members should be able to adapt to the right mood for every setting, and a professionally coordinated group of wedding musicians can vastly enhance the atmosphere with the right music at the right time. Whether it’s a soft jazzy background track for your happy hour or some peppy music to dance to, live band members are equipped with various musical experiences to make your wedding one of a kind.


In a similar vein, a live band offers a professionalism you won’t find anywhere else. Wedding musicians are craftsmen, bringing their expert knowledge of music to bear in creating the perfect moments during your wedding; moreover, unlike that dubiously dressed uncle from out of state, you can rest assured that your live band musicians will arrive in appropriate attire, conduct themselves professionally, and perform admirably.
Live bands are well-reputed for a reason; for most, they’re highly familiar with the structure of weddings and are familiar with the ceremonial process. It’s a comforting thought to have trained professionals in your corner, especially when there’s no guarantee you’ll be composed when the big day rolls around!

What to Consider Before Hiring

There’s little debate over whether live bands add value to a wedding, but it can be difficult for some to justify the price and time commitment to find the right band. When planning out your wedding, be sure to add these considerations to your mood board app and keep these things in mind when considering vendors for your celebration. 

Price Point

First and foremost, you’ll want to consider the price of a live band. They tend to be more expensive than DJs, but as we’ve established, that reflects the premium quality experience you’re guaranteed. Still, going into a marital relationship is a major financial commitment, and weddings aren’t cheap. Establish your budget with some wiggle room and hire your band accordingly.

As a general rule, the more instruments the band has, the more expensive they are likely to be. Some bands consist of a full orchestra, up to 20 members, which might be a little much if your ceremony location is a traditional church that holds a maximum of 50 people. Additionally, your price will vary depending on how long you’re hiring the band for. If you’re hiring for reception and ceremony, you’ll be looking at a higher price.

A 4-hour package is usually enough to ensure you get the most value from your investment. Lastly, the date of your wedding may impact the price. Weekend weddings are popular, and, as with other vendors, live bands will charge more for their services. If you get married during the off-season on a weekday, you can often score a better deal.

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event filled with bliss, but you don’t want to follow up your nuptials with financial strife, so it’s important to begin your journey as a couple with sensibility and moderation in mind.


Live bands come in a bunch of different styles: dance, Latin, country, rock, jazz, funk, and more. Some bands will only play in a particular genre, but if you’re interested in a provider, ask whether they can play other styles, too!

Once you’ve identified a provider that offers the style you’re looking for, it’s important to evaluate quality. Some bands offer showcases, during which they’ll perform live to exhibit their talents, a perfect opportunity to see if they’re a match for your wedding. Bring your soon-to-be spouse, planner, and anyone else you feel is relevant to the decision-making process.

The entertainment company may provide details on their website about when they are performing. If you can make time in your schedule, it’s good to get a taste of the services you’ll be paying for to see if it’s worth continuing the conversation with a prospective vendor. Once the performance ends, an entertainment representative will usually be on standby to answer your questions.

The Bottom Line

A live band is an excellent way to improve the quality of your wedding and accent your big day with quality live music. Nothing quite beats the thrill of a live band celebrating the joining of two lives with musical accompaniment, whether background music or an upbeat dance track. With vast experience, versatility, and professionalism, you can rest assured that your live band hire will be one of the best decisions you make at your wedding—other than saying, “I do!”