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How to Keep Kids Engaged During Vacations?

Vacation time is when kids get a break from school. After many months of following a regular school routine, it is time to take a break. The first few days of the vacation would be fun. But kids would get bored soon. They will be at a loss not knowing what to do. With kids at home, your work increases. A big problem parents face is keeping kids engaged during holidays.

Our guide lists eleven different ways to keep your kids engaged during holidays. You can follow any of these ways or more than one of them. They are guaranteed to keep your kids engaged and will allow you to relax.

11 Ways to Engage Kids During Holidays
  1. Go on a vacation

When the kids have holidays, it is the ideal time to go on a vacation. Plan the vacation early, so you can get the best deal. A vacation involves traveling to a different place or country. You can explore new places and enjoy new experiences. Kids love traveling and the time spent together. Vacation time allows you to bond well with kids.

  1. Go for a picnic

You can go for a vacation once a year or twice. But you can go for a picnic every weekend. Find a nice place nearby and go there with the entire family. Take a picnic hamper, board games, sports equipment, etc. with you. Spend a wonderful day with the family relaxing and having fun.

  1. Go camping

Camping is a great experience kids would love. You can go with them on a camping trip. A simple option is to camp in the garden of your house. Set up a tent for them and let them sleep outdoors. You can also join them. It is a fun activity you can enjoy in your own house.

  1. Encourage them to learn something new

As long as you don’t ask them to study, kids would love learning new things. It could be a dance form, a musical instrument, or a new language. You can even look at areas like pot making, painting, etc. Do not force your interests on them. Find out what they like and let them learn it. You can send them to classes and then allow them to practice on their own. It would allow them to spend many hours every day honing new skills.

  1. Involve them in cooking

Kids would actually love to cook. You don’t need to send them to classes. The internet has many resources with recipes for kids to try. Involve them in the kitchen and let them help you cook. Once they get the hang of it, you can allow them to cook on their own. Cooking can be creative and you can encourage them to cook creative recipes.

  1. Give them books to read

Today’s kids are addicted to devices and this is not good for their health. Encourage them to read books. It is a good pastime they would enjoy. At the same time, they would improve their vocabulary and learn new things. Take them to a library or bookstore and allow them to choose the books they want to read. Make a reading area for them, so they can read without getting distracted.

  1. Let them try gardening

Find out if your kids are interested in gardening. You can teach them how to grow plants. Ideally, let them grow vegetables or flowers. Gardening is a fun activity that also involves exercise. From small kids to older kids, everyone would love digging and watering.

  1. Plan a garage sale

With the kids at home, spend time cleaning up the house. Take out all the things you don’t need and organize a garage sale. Let the kids do everything. Let them fix the labels and allow them to run the show. It will keep them busy.

  1. Get friends over

Let them get friends over for a play date. Get them toys and other items to play with. It is a good way to spend the holidays.

  1. Take them swimming

Teach your kids swimming and if possible enroll them in swimming classes. Take them to safe places where they can practice their swimming skills. Go to the beach and allow them to swim in the sea. Swimming involves not only physical activity but also provides a calming effect. Ensure they are supervised at all times.

  1. Learn photography

Kids can practice photography using mobile cameras. You can teach them photography techniques. They can then edit the photos, add stock photos, and create attractive photo collages and albums.

Kids are open-minded and often love trying out fun, new things. Pick any of the activities listed in this blog and find out which ones your child takes a liking to.