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How to Improve Young Children’s Writing Skills

Writing is an integral component of the learning cycle and good writing skills would help young children to express themselves better.

From the Lower Kindergarten children are taught reading, writing and speaking skills which would make their learning cycle as far as the language competencies are concerned complete.

Of the above, good writing skills would stand out as important, as young children would need to express themselves of what they have learned from their young days.

They could be expected to write comprehensively only if they are trained towards that objective from their young formative years.

We could help them to develop and improve their writing skills by providing the right tools, environment and training to become good skilled writers whilst growing up.

To write they would need information and that should be provided to them, one of the easiest would be what they would be seeing around them, and that would be a starter.

A good beginning would be to train them to write of what they see every day and that would be quite substantive and a step in the right direction.

#. A special space to write

Young children would need to be provided their own little space to concentrate on their writing which should be undisturbed and away from any distractions.

They could write to their heart’s content and encouraging it would hold them in good stead in the future.

An appropriate table and chair with all the necessary tools, which could be anything from pencils to crayons which are all important as per their age and interests.

#. Legible writing

Writing for the sake of doing it is not the way forward, as they would need to write legibly, as most of the time into their future others would be reading what they write.

In modern day practices this may not be looked at as very important as the computer and smart phones are taking over but when the necessity arises writing legibly would come to the fore as important.

#. Maintaining a journal or diary

The habit of writing should not be one that would be practiced in fits and starts it should be a continuous experience and one which would take a slot in their daily engagements.

Writing should be inculcated in them as an important chore which would allow them to express themselves better when the time comes to attend college.

A journal or diary has to be written every day and this would bring home to them the importance of writing and what value they would place on it.

#. Create activities

Get them involved in various activities which would help them to write on what they have being doing during that period and with interesting situations arising out of it their writing too could be imaginative.

Regular activities of varied nature would provide them the incentive to write which would need to be looked at and corrected if the need arises.

#. Story telling

Story telling is a universally accepted practice that would guide young children to listen and assimilate what they hear.

Asking them to write down the story in their own words would ensure that they have understood what was read or related whilst testing their level of comprehension.

A story at bedtime would keep them engrossed and in total concentration if you pick the right story and the right time.

#. Start a correspondence

Encourage your young child to write to you, a good start would be his or her activities during the day in school.

You could write back, though this would take some quality time off you it is time well spent especially when it is your kid that you are spending time for.

This idea of writing could be extended by encouraging them to write to others, like their grandparents and even others in the household.

Writing emails would also be a good practice and by doing so they would have many ideas that they would like to express especially to the near and dear ones.

#. Avoid writing for them

Do not write for them, guide them through the idea but avoid extending writing help which would not do them any good.

They need to write what they know, discussing with them before they begin writing would be a better idea and then let them write in their own inimitable way.

Children need to know the value of writing because they have a long life to live and many words to right hence the importance of it should dawn on them as early in their life as possible.

#. Help in spelling

Spelling is a very important component in achieving good writing skills and helping your kid when the opportune time arrives when they understand its importance is imperative.

Though computer software is available today to spell check, it is important that children know how to spell if not they would depend on Artificial Intelligence or AI, to write everything that they would want.

Though spell checks are the order of this era it is important that the basics in the language are inculcated in them if they are to face the world confidently.

Try catching them with some fun days on a spelling game and make it a regular feature around the home with others joining in too.

#. Practice and practice

Constant practice is imperative if young children are to master their writing skills and every endeavor should be made to ensure that are kept interested and motivated.

Writing, reading and storytelling and bringing out difficult words when they grow older and listening to what they have to say are all part of an important learning cycle.

We know that practice makes perfect and it goes hand in glove with improving writing skills too and the more you get your young kids to be interested in it they would come out trumps.

The basic idea should be to keep them interested in whatever they would do and only then would they respond positively.


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