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How to Find the Best Vaping Deals Online

What’s the last thing you ask yourself before hitting that “Buy Now” button as you shop for vape gear? If you’re like most people, that question is probably, “Am I getting a good deal?” Sometimes, it can be really difficult to know that you’re definitely buying vape gear for the best price. Does the seller charge fair prices? Do they offer any coupon codes? Are you going to pay a large shipping fee? You can spend hours searching for coupons and running the numbers, and that can suck all the fun out of buying vape gear. The process becomes a lot more fun if you can find a retailer that you simply know gives you the best vaping deals every time. In this article from eCig One, we’re going to show you how to do exactly that.

For the Best Vaping Deals, Go to the Source

As you likely already know, factories in China produce most of the world’s vaping gear. That’s true because China has some of the world’s most modern consumer electronics factories and because the e-cigarette itself is a Chinese invention. Based on that, it’s important for you to understand how supply chains in the vaping industry work. Domestic distributors buy vaping products in bulk from the manufacturers in China. Vape shops buy their products from those distributors or from wholesalers who buy from the distributors.

If you buy from a traditional vape shop, you’re buying a product that’s been through at least two – and possibly more – hands before reaching you. Every time a vaping product changes hands, someone is going to earn a profit. Your price will increase as a result. To get the best vaping deals online, you need to go to a company that has a direct pipeline from China.

Next, we’ll explain how to identify those companies and describe what your buying experience will be like.

Expect to See Some Bulk Deals

You can tell when a retailer has a direct pipeline to China because they’ll sell bulk vaping gear to absolutely anyone. If you don’t own a vape shop, those bulk deals might not interest you – but as you can imagine, a retailer could turn some pretty serious profits by buying those packages. If you want to find the best vaping deals online, you should look for a company willing to offer deals like those. That’s how you’ll know that you’re getting a great price, even if you’re only buying a single product for yourself.

Getting the Best Price May Involve a Little Waiting

When a vape retailer has a direct pipeline to the Chinese factories, you can often expect the factory to fulfill your order – not the retailer – when you buy a product. That may mean you’ll have to wait a few extra days to get the product. You’ll therefore need to balance your priorities. In the vaping industry, the faster you want to receive a product, the more you’re likely to pay for it. If you’re buying from a company that works directly with the Chinese factories, you’ll probably need to wait a week – possibly a few days longer – to receive your order.

Expect to See Some Unknown Brands

When you buy products from a traditional local or online vape shop, you’re going to see some brands more often than others. Vape shops carry brands like SMOK, UWell, Vaporesso and Aspire because that’s what their distributors carry. They also carry those brands because those are the brands that have the money to pay for YouTube reviews and get the hype train rolling.

When you buy from the type of company that we’ve described in this article, you can expect to see many unfamiliar brand names. That’s not necessarily a cause for concern. Great marketing has made some vaping brands more popular than others, but better marketing in itself doesn’t necessarily make a brand’s products better.

As we’ve already mentioned, the Chinese consumer electronics factories are some of the most modern factories in the world. You’re going to get a great product even if you’ve never heard of the brand before. If you’re buying a tank or pod vaping system, though, you do want to make sure that the coils or pods are readily available.

Get Ready to Spend a Bit of Time Searching

When a company has a direct pipeline to the world’s top consumer electronics factories, it doesn’t make sense for that company to sell nothing but vaping gear. It makes far more sense for that company to sell many different types of products since they all come from the same factories. When a company sells factory-direct vape gear, in other words, you can expect to find thousands of other products on that company’s website – watches, phones, fitness trackers, drones and more.

To find the product you want, you’ll have to learn to think a little like a search engine. Use keywords to find specific brands, features and device types. Try keywords like “box mod,” “squonk,” “200 watts” or “DNA chip.”

The Effort Is Worthwhile if You Want the Best Vaping Deals Online

If you want the absolute best prices on vaping gear, we’ve illustrated that you’ll find those prices if you buy from a company that gets its goods direct from the original Chinese makers. You’ll wait a few extra days to get your product, and you might need to spend a bit of time searching before you find the product that’s ideal for you. The upside, though, is that you’ll discover hundreds of new products in the process. You may even walk away with a great piece of vape gear that you never knew existed. Discovering new vape gear and saving a bunch of money in the process – that sounds like a great buying experience to us.