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How to Find the Best Eyelash Extension for Your Eye Shape?

There are some unsaid beauty and sexiness in a look that comes through long and beautiful lashes. Lashes have become a big and important part of every makeup routine. Women love it because they have the power to transform their faces, and the makeup artists add them as a finish to a makeup look. Not all of us are gifted with long and thick lashes and sometimes, accenting them only with mascara might not be enough. Luckily, the eyelash extensions that come in many different shapes and lengths are the real savior.

To help out all those who are feeling insecure with the look of their natural lashes, QBS has to offer lots of eyelash extensions and eyelash products that will help you find what you need according to your eye shape. Why is this important? Well, following the natural line of the eye and adding eyelash extensions that are compatible with it is the best way to get the most out of the look. That way the eyes will look more open, accented, beautiful and the lashes will have a real beauty purpose.

Here is a quick guide that will determine the shape of your eyes and what kind of lash extensions to use and look you will achieve with them:

Almond Eyes

The almond-shaped eyes are among the most desired shapes among women and there are usually without any flaws. This is the shape that is considered as ideal in regards to the positioning and symmetry of the eyes and the entire face structure. The asymmetry comes from the proportional width and height that cannot be exactly said for the other eye shapes. As for the eyelash extensions, any type will flatter these eyes. It all comes down to personal preference. For an elongated effect of the eyes, the eyelashes should be positioned at the ends of the eye. For those who are looking to add more openness to their eyes, then the eyelash extensions should be positioned in the middle.

Hooded Eyes

The hooded-shaped eyes are the kind of eyes that are visually hidden under the hood. There is no crease and visible eyelid space that makes them look a bit closed, and some might say even sad. This eye shape is very common among specific demographic area and that are the Asians. Their eyes are small and the lids fall over the eyes, providing a heavy look. improving the look of the hooded-shaped eyes is best done with the application of eyelash extensions. Here, the extensions will visually open the eye and reduce that look of closeness. For horizontally elongating the eye, the extensions should be applied only to the ends. For those opting to make the eyes look bigger, the extensions should be applied all over the eye. It is also important to accent the curve of the lashes because they will add to the final look.

Round Eyes

The look of the round eyes among women is presented by clearly visible the all-white space around the iris. The round eyes are usually large, pop out on the face and they dominate the entire face. The natural line makes them look as they are wide open, and the one thing that many might not notice is whether there are lash extensions or not. If there are, they fall very naturally to the eyes, making them even more dominant. It is best to use shorter lashes because they will not make the eyes bigger than they already are. Also, the additional curling of the lashes will add to the beauty effect on the eyes.

Deep-set eyes

As the name suggests itself, the deep-set eyes fall deeper in the head compared to other eye shapes. This means that they look smaller, a bit hidden and they can present as dark because of the shade that falls over them from the brow bone. Usually, women with this set of eyes might present a look as tired, although that certainly might not be the case. Here, the eyelash extensions can make a great difference in the final look. The lash extensions should focus on improving the entire look of the eye. The dramatic effect of the long lashes is not that important as it is the length. If you choose heavy and very curly eyelash extensions, they might ruin the natural look and look too overdone. So, keep it to the basic, long, and straight eyelash extensions.

Downturned eyes

The downturned eyes can be recognized by the outer corners of the eyes that are turned downwards. This eye shape is the one that truly reflects the impression of sad eyes, and many want to visually correct this look. The eyelash extensions here can do just that – visually make the line turned up instead of turned down. The best way to achieve this is to add a full set of eyelash extensions. They should be applied towards the inner corners of the eyes and that way they will correct the downturned line. Also, the addition to longer eyelash extensions, only at the outer corners of the eyes will present a look of a cat-eye. Choosing this type of lashes will create an illusion of the open and lifted eye.

All eye shapes are different and beautiful which makes each face different and special. The look of the eyes and the eyelash extensions should be unique since the eyes are different on every person. From the beauty aspect, eyelash extensions are greatly appreciated in the makeup industry since they define the final look. However, as mentioned above, many decide to use them to improve the natural look of their eyes, which eventually transforms the look the entire face and the perception.

Whichever the case, QBS offers a huge palette of different eyelash extensions that will flatter each eye shape which will make you get the look you want and feel more confident and beautiful.