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How to Eat Out When You’re On a Diet

Are you on a diet and you’re planning to eat out? No need to panic! There’s a way to eat out with your friends without ruining your diet.

Here are 5 tips for eating out while you’re on a diet:


1. Choose The Restaurant 

Tell your friends and family that you’re going to choose the restaurant. Before you make a reservation, check the restaurant and the menu online. Avoid all-you-can eat restaurants and restaurants you’ve never been before. Choose a place that has an amazing salad bar!

2. Decide What You’re Going To Eat

Plan what you’re going to eat. Will you have turkey, pasta or chicken? Then look up the menu and choose the healthiest option. Read the menu carefully before choosing!

3. Place Your Order First

You’ll be really tempted to try that roasted pork your friend ordered and that’s why you need to order first! Resist temptation by ordering your healthy meal first!

4. Order a Glass of Water 

Avoid ordering soda/diet soda or alcoholic drinks that have more than 100 of calories from sugar. Always is better choice to order a water for a drink. If you strike for more flavorful drink, order a green tea (to optimize weight loss) without adding sugar or cream/milk.

5. Do Not Order an Appetizer

Try not to order an appetizer, unless it is a small amount of fruits and vegetables. This way, you will be eating a healthy food and opt to eat less by the time your meal arrives. Also, skip the bread and eat salad with no dressing or opt for low-calorie dressing.