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How to Dress Up In Winter to Flaunt Your Fashion Sense

When winters arrive, people covered from head to toe are a common sight. There are chances that fashion can take a backseat due to such state of affairs. But, just applying a little of fashion sense can do marvels to your appearance even in winters. Listed here are a few tips that you can consider to keep fashionista in you alive even in cold winters.

a. Use of stylish shades and prints in winter wearing

You definitely need to cover yourself up to get protection from cold, icy winds in winters. Winter clothing lot many times needs dark shades like blue, black and grey. Such shades do not fit young people. These make them look boring and dull. So, can there be a solution to this problem? Well, solution lies in tweaking in the bright colors. If you want to keep fashion going even with these dark hues, you can include bright shades like yellow, red, green, orange, etc. Imagine combinations like blue and green, black and yellow checkers, orange and blue stripes – all these prints in sweaters and jackets can perk up the look and make you stand apart in the horde. The classic black and white combination in prints never loses the charm and can impart a suave, celebrity-like styling to your feat of stepping out in the cold.

b. Try a little bit of jewelry

Jewelry and warm winter clothes, really?!

Yes, this combination does require a little bit of change in the way you add jewelry to your look. It is quite obvious that we cannot wear deep necklines or short sleeves for an occasion in winter. And gloves take away all chances of flaunting the glittering ring; at least this is the common notion. But this is not going to be the situation anymore. It is because stackable rings are here to provide you fashionable option for wearing something shiny, even with globes on.

To style up the hands, you need not struggle with the long sleeves of sweaters too. All you need doing is wear a shiny pair of silver color bangles or bangles having silvery details. You can also keep the rings and earrings in the same color to add uniformity to the look. Some fashion experts suggest use of wrapping bracelets. These bracelets do not get entangled on wrists but have layered appearance making the hands look fuller with accessories. Wrists will get a perky look even with a boring sweater on it.

Now coming to the neck – if you want to add a neckpiece to your attire for that outing in winter, think of long chains with shining pendants. These knotted chains of silver or gold accentuated with shining pendant in interesting designs such as dolphin, heart, or classy cross, big rose and various others can give a rock star look to you. If you are using short v-neck sweater, you can try using smaller chains reaching up to the upper chest.

Find out more about how to use fashion jewelry on winter clothing so that you never miss on the style quotient.

c. Thought about shoes?

One of the first things that catch anybody’s attention is shoes. When you are all black or grey or wearing some boring combination, just add a shining red shoe and you will be appreciated for being bold with your choices. You can also use sneakers in bright colors or detailed design to make a stylish entry at that get-together or soiree. Women can make use of sandals with block heals or wedges that have stylish straps to step out in style.

d. Make winter accessories a pretext to flaunt your style

Why get boggled by the hats, gloves or jackets? In fact, these can be made to work for your styling requirements. Use woolen gloves but with a twist of stylish buckle at the bottom, or have a stylish design carved in fingers and palm portion of the gloves to get a fashion maker of unique style.

Next, the hats have all that it takes to make you look stylish. Use hats that are accentuated in different patterns, such as feathery hats or hats with a shining stylish bow and a strip. You can even go bold with the colors of the hat and pick from options like purple, red, teal, turquoise, etc and have your head held high with style. Who can forget the statement maker hat and overall attire from the introductory scene of Kate Winslet in Titanic? That dress is an iconic example of what winter fashion looks in form and function.

Last but not the least, the jackets! Whether you are a full jacket lover or love having layered clothing offered by shrugs, you can consider umpteen options in covering up yourself in winters without compromising on fashion. Jackets can be short one matching the high waist jeans or woolen skirts for a feminine look. These can also be long and with patch work on elbows and pockets. The stylish jackets are classy components of winter clothing and these look good on all the people with different body types.

e. Scarves and mufflers – your savior in winter

The world of scarves and mufflers is packed with a plethora of choices. Fashion lovers can fiddle with uncountable options. Not only in terms of design and colors, there can be innovation in the way these accessories are worn. You can refer to draping style tutorials dedicated to scarves, stoles and mufflers available online to get an inspiration for styling at the party or wedding happening in winters.

So, if you want only the accessory to do the task of styling for you, then choose the options that are unique in color, pattern or design. And, if the material is simple, the trick lies in how to wear and combine it with other elements to make a look more creative and stylish. So, don’t get disheartened by the sight of dark, warm clothes in winter, just try the options explained above and bring a sparkle that can beat the blues of the cold season.