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How to Decorate Your Walls

If you have a big blank wall that you want to decorate, you might be wondering what to place on it. Whether you opt for framed family photos or acrylic photo blocks, you should make sure that you position them strategically.

Here are some of the most creative ways to decorate your wall:

Layer Giant Letters

In this instance, two or more giant letters are better than one. You should opt for large oversize letters, which can be either new or vintage. If you want to create a strong graphic statement, you can overlap the giant letters instead of placing them next to each other.

Cluster Colorful Baskets

Have you ever thought about hanging up colorful baskets on your walls? Instead of hanging one or two baskets, you can go with a whole bunch of them. If you like to collect woven baskets in different colors and sizes, make sure that you play around with different arrangements before hanging them.

If you cannot find colorful baskets that match your taste, you should consider creating your own by buying plain baskets and painting them yourself using craft paint.

Tape off a Wall

You can start by painting a base color on your wall and then tape sections of it. After doing this, you should add another coat in a contrasting color. Make sure that you vary the width of your stripes to come up with a random look that draws the eye. You can let the wall be a statement on its own or hang up pictures to make it more intriguing.

Hang Your Hats

Instead of letting your hats stay behind closed doors, you should consider showing them off by hanging them on your walls. All you have to do is install some hooks and you will have a great functional display for your skimmers and fedoras. Unless you want to have a bachelor vibe in your apartment, you should stay away from baseball caps.

If you do not own any hats, you can hang your necklaces to create a similar effect. Doing so will also make it easier to pick out your jewelry of the day.

Hang Patterned Art

If you open up your mind, you can find patterned art in almost everything, including garden fencing, cover radiators, and baskets. You should check in your attic and garage for unique pieces before you search elsewhere. You never know what you might find unless you look.


We usually forget about drapery panels whenever we think about filling up wall space in the home. However, once you hang up curtains, things will look much less bare. To make your windows look wider, you need to install rod brackets at least 3-6 inches from the window molding. You can use curtains to add some texture and color to your design scheme.

A curtain wall, when done tastefully, can turn your plain-looking wall into a beautiful accent wall. Moreover, changing the look of your walls with curtains is easier than wallpapering or repainting an entire wall. You should consider installing a curtain behind the sofa for a soft backdrop.

If the architectural features of a room make it look unbalanced, you should consider creating a false window with curtains. All you have to do is hang a curtain where you think a window should have been to create some balance.

If you are wondering which look will work best for your home, you should try them all and keep the one that you like. After all, it is your house and you will be seeing the wall décor for years to come.

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