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How to Deal with a Toxic Boss psychologically?

Horrible Boss? We all have worked with one. Although it’s not a pleasant experience, it teaches you very valuable lessons that come in handy later.  If you are dealing with one, following we are giving some tips to help you make it through every day!

Learn About it

You have to identify his type of toxic. There is a lot of research down on toxic behavior, especially power relationships. Workplace plays an important part in your daily life. You spend a big part of your day in this environment, so it’s important this place treats you right.

If you have some issues with your senior, it will cost you both money and mental stability. So, you have to understand who they are and how they work. Toxic people can find someone who means bull but are incompetent or inconsistent thanks to their lack of skill.

Worse, these people may want to create a conflict. There is a difference between dysfunctional or dark, but both are equally dangerous. An insecurity or mood swings might motivate them. These people put their agendas before work, especially at the expense of others.

These people may cause trouble, pit people against each other, abuse others and then thrive on their discomfort. This is how they manifest their influence. They can harass their works or break boundaries. They are sheer in neediness, unpredictable and refuse to change.

 Try to Give it Back

Do you know, people with the toxic type that likes of bullying sort have it way easy? They have a passive-aggressive relationship. It’s funny considered you dealt with such people in your childhood. It’s ruling over others or being the better person.

Just don’t devote yourself to retaliation, it will harm your career. People without such senior have great working experience. But for the whose who do, they are divided into the following category:

  • First one is those who fight back
  • Second on are those who sat back and took it

Those who fought back, they had a passive-aggressive approach. They ignored and pretended they never heard it. It helps keep the psychological distress at bay. These people have fewer issues progressive through the career ranks.

Bullies gumption, researchers and coworkers like retaliation and it helps to improve their career prospect. It may help them to feel stronger. To understand their psycho better, take this Psychopath test.

Say “Thank You”

This is ideal for dysfunctional bosses. Those who had problems from aggression comes from some sense of insecurity. If you are annoyed by your boss, just say thank you.

It seems sycophantic, and it may increase their behavior. But not, it decreases the severity. There were a lot of experiments with power abuse which stems from lack of confidence disintegrated when subordinates express gratitude.

When people have power, they believe they are in a demanding position. They lash out their feelings of incompetence with agression. Affirming the ego of such a power holder ameliorates their aggression. It reassures the insecure one will be confident with fewer tantrums.