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How to Color Your Hair Yourself

Have you ever looked at your reflection in a mirror and felt you wanted to be a blonde instead of a brunette? Or better still you want to jazz up your style by adding a tint of purple in your hair. The good news is you can achieve all this without taking a visit to the salon. You can revamp your hair color right there in your own bathroom, and at the same time save cost and the stress of taking that trip to the salon.


To get an all over different color in your hair, you will have to ponder a bit over the before and after look of the model on the dye box. This is to help you know what your result will look like. You wouldn’t want to end up looking like Cruella de Ville when you are gunning for a Beyoncé.

Steps to a Perfect Home Dye Job

Step 1

Don’t wash your hair two days before the dye job, as this aids your scalp’s natural oils to block the chemicals in the dye by acting as a barrier against irritation especially if you have sensitive skin.

Step 2

Carry out a strand test first by coloring only a small section of the hair. This helps in nailing out the perfect timing. You should note that the finer your hair texture is, the faster it will lighten so you may need five to 10 minutes less than the box says. If you have coarse or dry hair, you can go by the recommended time.

Step 3:

Read. Reread and follow the box instructions without leaving out any step. At this point, it may be a tad too late but you should reread to make sure you understand the instructions. Don’t apply color from roots to ends in one go.

Step 4:

Apply dye a half-inch away from your scalp and work towards the end, as the heat from your head makes the color develop faster at the roots. Halfway through the processing time, go back and cover your roots. To get more professional and precise results, use a color brush when applying the dye.


You know how sometimes you aim for a Christina Aguilera look and you end up with an overkill like Ursula. If this happens, don’t fret. Here are some ideas on how to fix or at least improve every color catastrophe. The things you’ll need on hand are a conditioning mask, a clarifying shampoo, and a few pantry goods.

  1. If your hair is too dark, wash it immediately. You can mix a tablespoon of baking soda and leave it on wet hair for five minutes. Another option is to apply olive oil while the hair is still damp, cover it with a shower cap and put a hot towel over it. Wash everything off with your regular shampoo.
  2. If it’s too light, you could add more dye.